August 24, 2021 – PR eReleases Mickie Kennedy, Pineapple Consulting Jack Tompkins and BofA Jason Gaughan

August 24, 2021 – PR eReleases Mickie Kennedy, Pineapple Consulting Jack Tompkins and BofA Jason Gaughan

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Mickie Kennedy – CEO of eReleases

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Mickie Kennedy is an expert at helping small businesses, authors, and startups increase their visibility and credibility. 22 years ago, Mickie founded eReleases after realizing that small businesses desperately need a press release service they can afford. While working in PR. Mickie came face to face with customers that wanted to use press releases due to their effectiveness at bringing in business, but could not afford to pay the extremely high startup fees that most agencies charged. Mickie saw an opportunity to help — and eReleases was born.

Jack Tompkins – Founder & Managing Partner at Pineapple Consulting Firm 

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Jack Tompkins is the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm based out of Charlotte, NC. He helps you analyze and visualize your financial and marketing data in interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards so you don’t have to deal with the annoying data gathering or manipulating of it! His goal is to help you grow profitably and efficiently by helping you not just know your numbers through and through, but also visualize them to quickly get the full picture.

Jason Gaughan – Card Products Executive at Bank of America

Budgets are important, but equally important is knowing
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Jason Gaughan is currently the Consumer Card Product Executive at Bank of America. His responsibilities include ensuring that consumer card products and services meet the financial needs of our clients, driving responsible growth by implementing strategies that align to our core principles and managing the profitability of the business. Jason leads a team of associates who are committed to delivering a best in class product for our customers.