August 25, 2021 – EdTech Chris Hull and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods

August 25, 2021 – EdTech Chris Hull and LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods

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Chris Hull – Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Otus

Neighbor telling neighbor. I think there is no more satisfying
way to grow a company.

Chris Hull is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Otus, a Chicago-based edtech company. After 13 years as an educator, Chris wanted to minimize the chaos of disconnected edtech tools for K-12 administrators, educators, students, and their families. Otus is one system to teach, grade, analyze, and plan. With Otus, school leaders can focus on student learning, not technology. Chris was named a “20 To Watch” Educational Technology Leader by the National School Boards Association. Otus serves 160 unique school districts with over 1,000,000 monthly users and has grown revenue by 300% annually. The platform’s focus is to support student learning and connection through technology that meets human needs. Instead of piece-mealing tools and resources to help kids want to be engaged with education, Otus also brings third-party testing data (ACT/SAT, NWEA) so educators can make data-informed decisions in one place. Otus is truly one platform (and one login) for educators, students, and families.

Bob Woods – Chief Marketing Officer at Social Sales Link 

The overall goal when it comes to contacting is to start engaging.

Bob Woods was one of the first people on LinkedIn… literally. He joined in December 2002 when LinkedIn was just a few months old, and he’s never looked back. An award-winning salesperson, Bob has utilized LinkedIn and social selling even before social selling was a “thing.” Bob has trained and coached sales professionals around the world at companies big and small to effectively use LinkedIn and other tools to start sales conversations with qualified buyers. Specific companies where he has trained salespeople and teams include Experian, Penn Mutual, State Street, Fiserv, Triose, and UPS. I was the 74,899th person to join the LinkedIn platform. Considering that it now has more than 760 million users worldwide, you can say I’ve been here since the beginning. In 2003, he left journalism and was just starting in business.