January 22, 2018 – Impromptu Judith Humphrey and Enjoyable Meetings Mamie Kanfer Stewart

January 22, 2018 – Impromptu Judith Humphrey and Enjoyable Meetings Mamie Kanfer Stewart

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Judith Humphrey – Founder of The Humphrey Group Inc. and Author of Impromptu: Leading in the MomentSpeaking As a Leader: How to Lead Every Time You Speak and Taking the Stage: How Women Can Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed

Judith Humphrey is the Founder of The Humphrey Group. In 1988, she launched The Humphrey Group as the first Canadian firm to focus on teaching top executives to be effective speakers. While Judith retired on January 1, 2017, she continues to write books and articles that look at how to communicate inspirationally. Judith’s legacy lives on every day at The Humphrey Group through the powerful intellectual capital she created over nearly 30 years. Her vision of marrying leadership and communication remains central to the firm’s mission. Her Leadership Model methodology continues to be a foundational piece of our work with clients today. Judith Humphrey’s career has focused on achieving the power of strong communications. This path has included teaching communications to university-level students and instructors, writing CEO speeches, founding and building a preeminent global leadership communications firm The Humphrey Group. Judith is a communication expert whose business teaches global clients how to communicate as confident, compelling leaders. Judith is the author of the three books, an acclaimed speaker, and a columnist for Fast Company. Judith was awarded the 2012 YWCA’S prestigious Woman of Distinction award for Entrepreneurship.
Judith HumphreyJudith Humphrey

Mamie Kanfer Stewart – Founder & CEO at Meeteor, Author and Speaker 

Mamie Kanfer Stewart is CEO and founder of Meeteor, a software and consulting firm that enables better meetings. Through consulting and technology, Meeteor enables teams and organizations to develop a healthy and productive meeting culture. But Mamie’s expertise and passion go beyond meetings. She is adept at providing, teaching, and sharing best practices to optimize how people work individually and collaboratively to develop high performance teams. Mamie is driven to help others optimize their time and cultivate their team to achieve results. She brings an unusual combination of strategic thinking and personalized consulting, making her a pleasure to work with and an effective coach for any personality. Mamie is a dynamic speaker and has presented at numerous events and been interviewed on a variety of podcasts, including Lean Startup. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Collective, and PCMag and writes about productivity, healthy team culture, and meeting best practices. Mamie sits on numerous non-profit boards and was honored by Auburn Seminary in 2016 with their prestigious Lives of Commitment Award.
Mamie Kanfer StewartMamie Kanfer Stewart

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