December 7, 2016 – EarlySense’s Avner Halperin & Secondary Finance Troy Fullwood

December 7, 2016 – EarlySense’s Avner Halperin & Secondary Finance Troy Fullwood

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Avner Halperin – CEO at EarlySense

Avner Halperin is a veteran high tech executive. He has served in several senior management positions including CEO of Emmunet, VP Marketing at Radcom (NASDAQ: RDCM), and VP of Business Development at Lenslet.  He also worked as the R&D Manager at Eldat and was the Department Head of an R&D Unit in the IDF Intelligence Corps, where he participated in the Talpiot Project.  He earned a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan Fellows Executive MBA Program. Avner speaks about what to look for when searching for a nursing home for your aging parents or other loved ones. EarlySense is the market leader in contact-free, continuous patient monitoring.  The company’s latest product, InSight™, provides advanced warning of cardiac and respiratory changes, which serves as a tool for nurses to intervene earlier and reduces risk of re-hospitalization.  The technology delivers real-time alerts to nursing stations, tablets and mobile devices, so staff can respond quickly.
Avner HalperinAvner Halperin

Troy Fullwood – Owner of Pinnacle Investments

Troy Fullwood is an award winning speaker, self made millionaire, educator, and coach. He has presented keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars throughout the United States. His high quality, high content, high energy programs are well researched and delivered in a down to earth style that everyone will remember. In 1997, Troy founded Pinnacle Investments which has been involved in over 12,000 secondary mortgage transactions throughout the United States. With his creative knowledge of investing, Pinnacle Investments holds the title for being the number one principal buyer of Simultaneous Closings as well as being one of leading real estate note buyers in the country. In addition to investing, Pinnacle Investments has become a saving grace for individuals facing foreclosure. Over the last 10 years with the help of Troy and his team they have been able to help individuals that had defaulted on their mortgage by doing loan modifications. Pinnacle Investments has become highly regarded in the mortgage industry because in 10 years they only had 8 homes go into foreclosure. Troy has written over 50 articles and has been involved in radio and television interviews.

Troy FullwoodTroy Fullwood

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