January 8, 2021 – Ditch the Act Ryan Foland and Grief Leadership Anthony Casablanca

January 8, 2021 – Ditch the Act Ryan Foland and Grief Leadership Anthony Casablanca

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Ryan Foland – Creator of The 3-1-3® Method and Author of Ditch the Act

The more you talk, the less people listen. And the less you talk,
the more people ask questions. 

Ryan Foland is a global keynote speaker, author, and brand consultant who teaches people how to build their brand, get featured in publications, and grow their social media following. He is a craftsman of communication who coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken messaging and be more human. His 3-1-3® Method is a process hereby core messaging begins as three sentences, condenses into one sentence, and then boils down to three words. Ryan is a four-time TEDx speaker, is recognized by Inc. Magazine and Brand24 as a Top Marketer, and was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top Personal Branding Expert. He specializes in helping companies and their leadership harness the power of authenticity by teaching them how to create content that reveals their whole self to drive differentiation, growth, and loyalty. Ryan’s book, Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success, aims to help executives and entrepreneurs navigate the waters of what to do, in the right order, to help them harness the power of vulnerability and authenticity to build a better, more relatable, more profitable brand.

Anthony Casablanca – Leadership Consultant on GriefLeaders LLC and Co-Author of The Dying Art of Leadership

First you care, then you lead. Leaders that try to do it the other
way will never have followers. 

Anthony Casablanca is the Co-Founder of GriefLeaders, a consulting and training firm that advises leaders on helping grieving employees excel at work, and minimizing the effects of grief on the bottom line. Anthony is a senior executive with 30-plus years of experience and a proven track record of purpose-driven leadership. He has spent his entire career studying the art of leadership with an emphasis on purpose-driven leadership principles. Anthony has held several leadership roles with Batesville Casket Company, the world’s largest funeral service products provider, and was named the 2009 Human Resource Executive of the Year for Indiana. He went on to become president of another subsidiary of the Hillenbrand family of companies. Brothers, Guy and Anthony Casablanca are the coauthors of The Dying Art of Leadership: How Leaders Can Help Grieving Employees Excel at Work, a practical guide to tackling one of the most awkward leadership challenges that no one likes talking about.