May 22, 2014 – Thriller Author Dianna T. Benson & EntreTeacher Dale Tweedy

May 22, 2014 – Thriller Author Dianna T. Benson & EntreTeacher Dale Tweedy

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Dianna T. Benson – Novelist and Author of Final Trimester and The Hidden Son (The Cayman Islands Trilogy), 2014 Selah Award WINNER for First Book – Highlight Here

Dianna T. Benson signed a NINE book deal to write her suspense novels. We want to know how she got the deal! What a huge accomplishment in today’s tough world of publishing. She has been an EMS since 2005 and loves the adrenaline rush of responding to emergencies, and her suspense novels provide the same rush. She writes about adventurous characters thrown into tremendous circumstances. She competes in climbing, running, cycling and scuba diving and she has won many awards for her books, including being a 2014 Selah Award Finalist for Book-of-the-Year, a 2011 Genesis Winner, a 2011 Genesis double Semi-Finalist, a 2010 Daphne de Maurier Finalist, and a 2007 Golden Palm Finalist. Her current book deal is with Ellechor Publishing House and her latest novel was released on May 19th.

Dale Tweedy – Partner/Founder of Stonegate Developers – Founder/Owner of CrankShooter Lacrosse Equipment – Founder of Dale Tweedy Mentoring Program for Entrepreneur Scholars at Appalachian State University – Highlight Here

Dale Tweedy has several stories to tell. As a true serial entrepreneur, he is involved in lots of businesses. Today though, we focus on a lacrosse business he built to help his two sons learn about business. Now it does about a half million a year! It is an amazing story. Dale is also a developer, building student housing and commercial retail developments throughout the southeast. He created The Dale Tweedy Mentoring Program at Appalachian State University to provide one-on-one partnerships between entrepreneurs and students.
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