December 3, 2018 – Retire Rich (even if you are broke at 55) Dr Fred Rouse, Referrals WITHOUT Asking Stacey Brown Randall and Commute Kills Jobs Luke Stratmann

December 3, 2018 – Retire Rich (even if you are broke at 55) Dr Fred Rouse, Referrals WITHOUT Asking Stacey Brown Randall and Commute Kills Jobs Luke Stratmann

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Dr Fred Rouse – The REAL Money Doctor, Certified Financial Planner, PhD and DBA 

Dr. Fred Rouse, The Money Doctor, teaches people how to double their annual income in less than 30 min/day. He shows people how to get 63% more money in their accounts in less than 20 mins a day even if they have only $10,000 to start and no prior business or investment experience. He started as the son of a blue-collar carpet installer in South Philadelphia. His entrepreneurial spirit soon emerged as he started painting handrails at age 10. After five years in the US Coast Guard at the tail end of the Vietnam War and ten years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist working the critical care units of an inner-city hospital, he thought there had to be a better way and started his in-depth study of money and people. Becoming a Certified Financial Planner® was not enough for him. He went on to graduate studies and now holds a Ph.D. in Taxation, a Doctorate in Business Administration and even did a year in law school just for some additional background. The Real Money Doctor’s College Student’s Money Guide is Dr. Rouse’s book to give high school seniors and college students short, practical, usable lessons, and insights into situations that most young people find themselves while making their first attempt at true independence. In 2015, he teamed up with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) to write the international bestseller, The Soul of Success. Dr. Rouse is now a top Certified Financial Planner®, Money Expert and International Best-Selling Author who has received several national awards for his writing and money expertise. He works with select individuals and a variety of small businesses that earn in excess of seven figures a year – to improve their lives, cut taxes, make money, protect their assets and help them gain the personal time to enjoy the iconic lifestyle they want and deserve. He’s developed The REAL Money Doctor’s Business Rx, 6 Essentials for a Healthy Business to Make Money with the legendary Brian Tracy that helps aspiring as well as seasoned entrepreneurs take control of their business, cut their taxes and make more money while still having time to enjoy a personal life. Dr. Rouse also helps serious people that are 50 and older with a simple blueprint to find 63% more money for their Ultimate Secure Retirement© in less than 20 minutes a day, even if they have zero business or investment experience – so they can be financially independent and retire at an age young enough to enjoy it. Dr. Rouse and his work have been featured on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, A&E, BRAVO, USA Today, Forbes, Wall Street Business, Hollywood Live, The Money Show, Investing Daily and more. “Soul of Success” was just released 9/10/15 by Jack Canfield & Dr. Fred Rouse, CFP and made SIX Best Sellers List for “Soul of Success” in the US!! And FIVE Lists in Canada making it an international Best Seller!

Somebody’s gotta pay some taxes somewhere along the line. I just try and make sure it’s not my clients.

Stacey Brown Randall – Referral Selling Expert and Author of Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking

With one business failure under her belt, Stacey Brown Randall knew when she started business #2 she had better do things different or she’d end up working for Corporate America for the rest of her life. That wasn’t an option she was willing to accept. So, with the launch of business #2 she cracked the code on generating referrals without asking with 112 referrals in her first year as a business coach and triple-digit referrals every year since. Now she has helped hundreds build their own referral generating plans and has been featured on numerous radio and podcast shows including Real Estate Rockstar Radio, Nice Guys on Business, Voice America Business and WHNZ Tampa Bay. Stacey lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and three kids.

We’re making a referral about something that can produce results immediately.

Luke Stratmann – Metro Market Manager at Robert Half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half has a long company history of innovation and is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm always guided by high ethical standards and the belief that finding the right fit for a client and candidate creates an engaged and energized workforce. They pioneered the idea of professional staffing services nearly 70 years ago and, as the needs of businesses have evolved, so have we. Our leadership team saw potential in moving toward a more specialized staffing approach and began placing temporary workers at higher skill levels before other firms in our industry. Our clients and candidates found value in professional-level staffing, which is why we launched a series of temporary professional staffing divisions in the finance and accounting, legal, creative and marketing, technology and administrative fields. Robert Half continues to evolve in order surpass expectations in the present and plans to maintain our status as the trend setting firm within the Staffing Industry far into the distant future. Founded in 1948, Robert Half  The company has more than 300 staffing locations worldwide and offers job search services at