March 12, 2015 – Media/Author Trainer Debbi Dachinger & New Startup TV Show w Jonathan Block

March 12, 2015 – Media/Author Trainer Debbi Dachinger & New Startup TV Show w Jonathan Block

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Debbi Dachinger – Radio Host, On Air Talent, Media Personality and International Bestselling Author

Debbi Dachinger is a talk show and publishing guru! She believes you can positively change your life and the world. She leads popular Teleseminar classes on how to booked on the radio and how to do a great job when on the air. Debbi also self-publish two books and can help you get out there too. And more importantly, she can help you sell the book after published, the key step! She was the keynote at Women’s Calgary Red Carpet event, spoke at the L.A. Conscious Life Expo, and San Francisco’s New Living Expo. Her radio show boasts 1 million listeners and is syndicated on 65 stations. Finally, she is the winner of the Broadcasting Industry Lifetime Achievement Award!
Debbi DachingerDebbi DachingerDebbi Dachinger

Jonathan Block – Founder/Chairman at & The $tartup Hour  

Jonathan Block was on the show about a year ago, but is working on something new that we want to share with you. He is the quintessential music entrepreneur. He started a record label while in college and was vice president at a large management company working with artists like Suzanne Vega. Today, he shares details of The $tartup Hour, a new television show that combines American Idol, Shark Tank and QVC. The show is going around the US looking for entrepreneurs that want to share their story on TV.  During the show, viewers can actually invest in the business. Like Shark Tank, except you get to play along! I can’t wait!


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