March 13, 2015 – FlameStower’s Adam Kell & Scalar Energy Guru Tom Paladino

March 13, 2015 – FlameStower’s Adam Kell & Scalar Energy Guru Tom Paladino

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Adam Kell – Co-founder of FlameStower and Forbes 30 Under 30 Winner

Adam Kell has spent his career working on high-tech, entrepreneurial projects. He is a Stanford trained energy and solar expert. He is currently working on making portable electricity available anywhere and he believes that good design is powerful enough to change society. He is part of the team behind FlameStower, a small, portable generator converting wasted heat directly into electricity. This allows off-grid applications like disaster relief and in normal outdoors situations, like camping. Their first product is currently for sale in REI, Brookstone  and And, Adam was named a Forbes 30 under 30, very cool!
Adam Kell Adam Kell Adam Kell

Tom Paladino – Scalar Energy Researcher at SelfHealGo 

Tom Paladino may be the most inventive guest we have ever had. And, he may end up being the most famous person on Earth! He says that scalar energy (new to me!) can be used to power everything and solves some of the worst diseases. When he read about scientist, inventor and energy pioneer Nikola Tesla, it set his imagination on fire. For 15 years, Tom worked to perfect scalar energy technology and it is clear that scalar was working. Patients around the world reported life-changing shifts when Tom helped them. This is one of favorite interviews ever, and I hope greatly that Tom’s efforts help the world!
Tom PaladinoTom PaladinoTom Paladino

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