February 19, 2018 – DASH Cryptocurrency w Jim Bursch, Maximum Potential Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay and Risk Novel Robert Levey

February 19, 2018 – DASH Cryptocurrency w Jim Bursch, Maximum Potential Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay and Risk Novel Robert Levey

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Jim Bursch – Manager of DASH Bug Bounty Program for DASH Digital Cash and Founder of DASH Messaging  – Read interview highlights here

Jim Bursch manages the DASH Bug Bounty Program for the cryptocurrency DASH Digital Cash. DASH is the best cryptocurrency for small business, and hundreds of SMBs are now accepting it. He is also the creator and founder of DASH Messaging with digital cash. Imagine PayPal for digital cash! A former journalist and publisher, he crossed over to technology during the dotcom boom. Following the bust, he worked as a systems analyst and consultant, helping to pick up the pieces and assemble viable products and businesses in the aftermath. For over ten years as a PHP/MySQL developer, Jim has been building a unique messaging platform that attaches money to messages. He adopted Bitcoin as a payment system for the platform, and later, he replaced Bitcoin with the cryptocurrency DASH Digital Cash. He launched the DASH Bug Bounty Program, which pays hackers to test DASH code for vulnerabilities that might threaten users. In addition to his activities with DASH and DASH Messaging, he is producing a documentary film project called “Silicon Beach Hustle, The Social Engineering of a Startup.”
Jim BurschJim Bursch

Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay – Founder of Our Treatment Center, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay is extremely passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential. She created Margaret’s Box  as a way to honor her grandmother while also inspiring others to achieve their dreams. Dr. Tasha always enjoys studying people and their perceptions toward life and their surrounding culture, which in turn cultivated her love of turning problems to solutions. She provides online clinical supervision for mental health professionals in North Carolina. Dr. Tasha is also the founder and owner of Our Treatment Center, PLLC.  She has an unmatched desire and passion for working with children, and families, of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Dr. Tasha held the position of School-Based Counselor for Wake County Public Schools, Executive Director for Oxford Manor Achievement School, Program Coordinator for Communities in Schools, as well as working with the inner city as Program Manager for Covenant House of New York City.
Dr. Tasha Holland KornegayDr. Tasha Holland Kornegay

Robert Levey – Author of Risk (A Tale of Wall Street)

Robert Levey brings his unique perspective on those that make the stock market tick to life in his novel “Risk: A Tale of Wall Street.” He led a Wall Street trading consultant for 30 years. The book documents the sweeping epic of financial madness and greed in a game played with infinitely high stakes from the perspective of a young woman turned international powerhouse. Kirkus Reviews calls it a thoughtful and well-crafted look at the human stakes in high finance. The book reveals how everything written about the recent mortgage crisis is about what did happen, but this is the story of what could happen.
Robert Levey

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