February 21, 2018 – NDA vs Patents John Rizvi, Emotional Intelligence Recruiting Caroline Stokes and Free MBA Laurie Pickard

February 21, 2018 – NDA vs Patents John Rizvi, Emotional Intelligence Recruiting Caroline Stokes and Free MBA Laurie Pickard

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John Rizvi – Board Certified Patent Attorney and Adjunct Professor of Patent Law

John Rizvi is a Registered and Board Certified Patent Attorney, Adjunct Professor of Intellectual Property Law, and recognized Ted speaker. He is a featured speaker on topics relating to inventing and patents. He perfected his craft at one of the most prestigious and revered patent law firms in the world, a firm that counts Bell Edison, the Wright Brothers and Ford among its distinguished list of famous inventor clients. John’s time was spent mostly in meetings with in-house lawyers of large institutional and corporate clients instead of working directly with investors. As such, John formed his own law firm 16 years ago so he could work directly with inventors and entrepreneurs in protecting their ideas. He also enjoys teaching coursework on patent, trademark, and copyright law.
John RizviJohn Rizvi

Caroline Strokes – Founder of FORWARD,
 The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter and Executive Search 

Caroline Stokes is the Founder of FORWARD, the first executive search and emotional intelligence coaching firm. She is the host of the new podcast, The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter, which interviews top leaders in the field to support recruiters as they adapt in critical collaborative and analytical environments. Caroline is an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, and certified EQ2.0 trainer for global technology and entertainment leaders. She has been called on to speak or join panels about current talent technology trends at Pocket Gamer Connects Vancouver, VR Connects London and VR Connects San Francisco, and as part of a Fireside Chat at the BC Labour Market Report Conference. She is a contributor to ForbesVenturebeatUndercover Recruiter, and Huffington Post.
Caroline StokesCaroline Stokes

Laurie Pickard – Author of Don’t Pay for Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Get the Business Education You Need

Laurie Pickard was smart enough to finish her MBA studies for free! She used massive open online courses (MOOCs) and helps people discover online university courses that are available for free or at low cost to anyone with an internet connection. Laurie got into learning by completing her own version of an MBA using free online courses. She called the project the “No-Pay MBA.” The blog site she launched to document her journey, NoPayMBA.com, quickly became an international phenomenon, hosting visitors from nearly every country in the world. News about the “No-Pay MBA” has appeared in Poets & Quants, Fortune, Bloomberg Business, Entrepreneur, and CNN/Money.  Laurie has grown into the role of MBA adviser to independent students from around the globe. She has written articles for the Financial Times and BizEd, the magazine of the business school accreditation organization AACSB, and was invited to produce a course for The Economist Group’s online learning platform, Learning.ly. Her career advice has appeared in The Daily Muse.
Laurie PickardLaurie Pickard

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