November 9, 2020 – Customer Service Dr. Timothy Johnston and Quantum Lean Dr. Michael Sanders

November 9, 2020 – Customer Service Dr. Timothy Johnston and Quantum Lean Dr. Michael Sanders

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Dr. Timothy Johnston – Founder of Norge Dental Center

It’s not that hard to be unique, just don’t act like everyone else! 

Dr. Timothy K. Johnston is an award-winning businessman, lecturer, and seasoned dentist with over three decades of experience. He is the Founder and Owner of Norge Dental Center, a premier dental office and recipient of numerous customer service awards. Dr. Johnston was frustrated with his poor customer service experiences, and while he never specifically set out to inspire others to give great dental care, he always wanted to have his own practice, and he studied diligently on the best ways to do that. As a result, he launched Norge Dental Center in 1989, and the company has since grown into a popular 16-chair practice and has a reputation for its excellent customer service, professional and friendly staff, and team spirit among its staff members. Dr. Timothy Johnston has been featured on Good Morning America, recipient of the Healthcare Heroes Award, 2015, and is the official Cosmetic Dentist to the Miss and Mrs. Virginia Pagent. In his international best-selling book, Ring Bell for Service?: Never Force Your Customers to Get Your Attention, When You Should Already Have Theirs!, he shares valuable customer service lessons any business owner can learn to be an effective leader regardless of your industry.

Dr. Michael Sanders – Co-Founder and Director of Organization Optimization at BeehiveFund

We focus on the result. The main purpose is to insure that the
finished product is offered in the most complete way, meaning
fastest, highest quality and lowest cost. 

Dr. Michael Sanders serves as a co-founder and business advisor for BeehiveFund, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting small businesses achieve cultural, operational, and financial improvements in shortest period of time. With an excess of 30 years in the field, Dr. Michael has worked at every phase of the supply chain with a wide variety of companies on organizational structure & psychology, strategic direction & culture, and system & process optimization. Along this journey, Dr. Sanders and his colleague, Sean Fields, have collaborated extensively over many years to refine the framework and delivery of their lean methods and have achieved consistent and repeatedly proven success in this endeavor. In addition to his work as a seasoned executive and practitioner, Dr. Sanders is sought after for his expertise in negotiation, organizational psychology, six sigma, quality systems, & regulatory compliance. Dr. Michael’s newest book, Quantum Lean: Taking Lean Systems to the Nextdetails a revolutionary approach to lean systems and approaches it from an entirely different perspective than conventional methods.