June 10, 2014 – Crowd Campus Kevin Provost & Graphic Designer Sheryl Checkman

June 10, 2014 – Crowd Campus Kevin Provost & Graphic Designer Sheryl Checkman

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Kevin Provost – Founder and CEO of CrowdCampuses and coPhilly – Highlight Here

Kevin Provost is working to help students and colleges to embrace the crowd funding movement. He is a direct marketing sales expert and has some great stories to tell about his college experiences in door-to-door sales. He is currently building out an organization called coPhilly which is a crowdfunding accelerator program for business owners, college students, and creative entrepreneurs and delivers a platform agnostic curriculum. It delivers training programs for creatives, startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs seeking under $1,000,000 in capital for early-stage ventures. Kevin specializes in micro-finance, crowdfunding, and connecting vetted entrepreneurs with early-stage angels. This interview is packed with information for anyone that wants to explore crowd funding at any level.

Sheryl Checkman – Graphic Designer and Founder of Life is Balance – Highlight Here

Sheryl Checkman is an award-winning graphic designer with over twenty years of experience in corporate communications. Her clients have included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health, PR Newswire, Dole Food Company, Schering Plough, Club Getaway, and Beth Israel Latino Health Institute. She gives great information about how to hire a graphic designer and how the process should proceed. Prior to starting her own firm, Sheryl was Vice President for the PR firm Burson-Marsteller. In addition to her graphic design firm, she has started a side business designing and selling jewelry, t-shirts and art. Her trademarked line of inspirational sports and activity-themed clothes is called Life is Balance. Great info on all things design and how to grow an online sales business.

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