May 2, 2016 – CoreBranding Jim Gregory & Getting Organized with Tracy Paye

May 2, 2016 – CoreBranding Jim Gregory & Getting Organized with Tracy Paye

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Jim Gregory – Chairman at Tenet Partners

With 40 years of experience in advertising and branding, Jim Gregory is a leading expert on brand management and is credited with developing strategies for measuring the power of brands and their impact on a corporation’s potential financial performance. Most notable of the tools that Jim has developed is the CoreBrand Index® (CBI), a quantitative research vehicle that has continuously tracked since 1990 the reputations and financial performances of over 1,000 publicly traded companies in 50 industries. Tenet Partners utilizes the CBI to help clients recognize how their brands compare with industry peers and how communications can impact corporate reputation and financial performance, which includes stock price and revenue growth.
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Tracy Paye – Efficiency Expert Driving Sales & Productivity, Professional Organizer and Award-Winning Speaker 

Tracy Paye can help you and your team create easy, efficient systems to contain physical, mental, or electronic clutter so you can thrive instead of just surviving in your life and business. As a Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach, she has been helping small businesses transform their offices into comfortable, convenient and productive spaces professionally since 2003. As her organizing business transitions to more productivity training and coaching with online products and services for individual consumers, it allows her to focus more time on making a difference in the corporate world. Tracy offers a Productivity Coaching Curriculum that will help your employees work more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for employees with ADHD who need practical systems to keep them on track.
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