January 24, 2017 – Content Marketing w Michaela Alexis & Real Estate Entrepreneur Roger Blankenship

January 24, 2017 – Content Marketing w Michaela Alexis & Real Estate Entrepreneur Roger Blankenship

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Michaela Alexis – Content Marketing Expert, LinkedIn Lover & Social Media Guru

Michaela Alexis is a content creation expert. Several of her LinkedIn articles have been published on CNBC and have been shared over 5000 times! Her ability to create great content accidentally turned Michaela into a LinkedIn influencer. She had her first viral hit article on Linkedin back in March 2016, garnering over 120,000 views, shares, likes and comments, and has been writing ever since. She went from a little over 1,000 connections to over 40,000 followers in less than a year! Her articles have since been published on CNBC, PR Daily, The Muse, Job.com, Thought Catalog, and more! When Michaela was in kindergarten, she ran home excitedly one day, brimming with glitter and pride, as she announced that she was “The ONLY TOOTH FAIRY at Career Day, and everybody else in my class was just dressed up as doctors and dentists!”​
Michaela Alexis Michaela Alexis 


Roger Blankenship – CEO of Whitestone Investments, Inc. and Whitestone Consulting, LLC – Read interview highlights here

Roger Blankenship’s experience includes classroom instruction as well as leadership in a variety of educational settings. He has been in organizational leadership since his mid-20’s and is an ordained Pastor. Roger is also an accomplished real estate investment guru and consults helping others with this work. Since 2002, he has been involved in over 1,000 property transactions in the greater metro Atlanta area. His firm currently manages several million dollars in capital and investors enjoy rates of return significantly higher than market average. Roger has very interesting things to say about all of the gurus that charge tens of thousands for their seminars. 
Roger BlankenshipRoger Blankenship


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