August 18, 2017 – Coach Creator Dr. Glenn Livingston, Out of Fire L.J. Jackson & Speed Selling Andreea Mihalcea

August 18, 2017 – Coach Creator Dr. Glenn Livingston, Out of Fire L.J. Jackson & Speed Selling Andreea Mihalcea

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Dr. Glenn Livingston – Founder of International Coach Certification Alliance and Growth Acceleration Systems 

Dr. Glenn Livingston is a psychologists and has sold over $30 million in consulting to companies like AmEx, AT&T, Whirlpool, Kraft, and Lipton. He started The International Coach Certification Alliance which specializes in training and certifying professional coaches, and helping them build successful practices. The firm has helped thousands of personal clients, and businesses of all sizes. In twelve weeks, you can become a Certified Professional Coach. Recently, he started another business to help small businesses with their financial and payment processing issues. His Merchant Account Wizard site is dedicated to helping to avoid business killing pitfalls. He has been featured in the NYT, Chicago Sun Times, NY Daily News, Crain’s, Bloomberg Radio, ABC, and UPN.
Glenn LivingstonGlenn Livingston

L.J. Jackson – Helping Women Increase Confidence, Award Winning Coach and Author of Sleeping with My Shoes On: Reclaim Your Innocence, Reclaim Your Power

L.J. Jackson is the “Harriet Tubman of Dreams.” She is a mentor, coach, and cheerleader, and also, an award winning Women’s Empowerment Expert. L.J. has helped thousands achieve their dreams for twenty years using a down-to-earth open, honest style. As the Founder of Personal Power Within, Inc. and as an Advisory Board Member of the Caramel Connections Foundation, she does her best to give back and support organizations like Save the Children, Joyful Heart Foundation, and more. She was inducted in the Continental Who’s Who of Business Leaders, was recognized as an Inspirational Woman of the Year, voted VIP Professional Woman of the Year by National Association of Professional Women, selected as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association, and has been recognized as an Inspirational Woman of the Year by Women’s Network Radio.
L.J. Jackson

Andreea Mihalcea – Speaker & Bestselling Author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track To Double Your Sales Without Sacrificing Who You Are

Andreea Mihalcea is a sales & marketing expert who helps young entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and high achievers multiply their income, but with integrity! Andreea graduated from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute and ran one of the Foreign Relations Offices in the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During this time, she hosted or and facilitated over seventy international business events and networking meetings. She was one of the Chamber’s spokespersons, representing top management in high-level national and international events. She started her own sales and marketing consulting service in order to assist small business owners and sales professionals who desire to make a difference, and be recognized as “insanely great” in their field of activity.
Andreea MihalceaAndreea Mihalcea

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