February 19, 2016 – Change w Linda Lynch-Johnson, Amplify 2016 w Janine Just/Sabina Hitchen

February 19, 2016 – Change w Linda Lynch-Johnson, Amplify 2016 w Janine Just/Sabina Hitchen

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Linda Lynch-Johnson – Change Consultant, Speaker and Author

Linda Lynch-Johnson says that, “The only thing you can truly count on is change.” She is a change guru, helping us learn to plan for change and how to handle it. She teaches how to thrive during change using her trademarked ‘The Adapter Factor.’ Linda brings personal insight and humor to her expertise in adapting through her years of constant moving and traveling where she learned to transform her knowledge into useful information. This knowledge was put to the test during her four years living in Saudi Arabia. She had to learn how to adapt quickly and went on to thrive and is now helping others do the same no matter what cultural environment they deal with – business or foreign.
Linda Lynch-JohnsonLinda Lynch-JohnsonLinda Lynch-Johnson

Amplify 2016 – Janine Just and Sabina Hitchen announce a great event in branding!

Janine Just – Chief Connectologist at Janine Just, Inc.

Janine Just is the Chief Connectologist of her eponymous PR startup firm, Janine Just, Inc.  She uses her vast network to help her clients grow their businesses. Prior to building her own business, Janine co-founded and acted as managing partner at The Blaq Group, a boutique consulting firm focusing on local restaurants, bars and venues. Her first years in the industry were with East Coast Saloons, where she rose to the rank of Regional Director of Marketing. Throughout her career, Janine has championed countless campaigns for clients including Citigroup, Vapiano, and Macbar.

Sabina Hitchen – Co-founder at Tin Shingle  and SabinaKnows

Sabina Hitchen is an entrepreneur and small biz PR expert and spends her days (and nights) teaching business owners, experts and entrepreneurs how to share their message with the press and the world. She does that through her companies: Sabina Knows and the online community Tin Shingle, a resource that enables small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to “make buzz happen” through educational and editorial tools and resources. Both companies offer classes, content and resources centered around helping small business owners successfully get the word out about their businesses via PR, marketing, social media and SEO. Sabina has been seen in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, More Magazine, Fox News, NY Daily News & more. She teaches free weekly webinars that teach PR to small biz owners and also offers Press for Success, a fully online and self-directed course that teaches experts and entrepreneurs everything they need to know to share their message, expertise and info with local and national press. Prior to working in public relations and running her own businesses Sabina taught high school and designed educational curriculum for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation charter schools.
Sabina HitchenSabina HitchenSabina Hitchen

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