February 4, 2021 – Paul Daugherty Group Chief Executive of Accenture, Cell Tower Planter Hugh D. Odom and Service Excellence Dr. Roland Rust

February 4, 2021 – Paul Daugherty Group Chief Executive of Accenture, Cell Tower Planter Hugh D. Odom and Service Excellence Dr. Roland Rust

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Paul Daugherty – Group Chief Executive of Accenture Technology 

We need to move from react mode to reimagine mode and this
creates a lot of opportunity for companies.

As Group Chief Executive for Accenture Technology, a $28B business spanning nearly every existing and emerging technology, Paul Daugherty has the inside track on the major business technology trends for 2021. From the cloud, artificial intelligence and robots to virtual reality work spaces, he views 2021 as a critical year when companies must set their digital transformation to “warp speed” or risk being left behind. Paul addresses the cloud as THE enabler of change and innovation, Hyper Automation and Virtualization.

Hugh D. Odom – Founder & President of Vertical Consultants

In the U.S., there are a little under a half million cell sites operating.
In the next 7-8 years, there could be an additional one million built. 

Hugh D. Odom President & Founder of Vertical Consultants was formed to establish a company that would provide a different and more effective way to represent landowners. We understood that most property owners, through no fault of their own, did not have either the information or representation required to optimize either a proposed or existing cell tower or rooftop lease transaction. Vertical Consultants made it our mission to to first and foremost provide not only the information a landowner needs to make the most advantageous decision when it comes to any agreement a property owner is presented or already has in place with a cell tower company or cell phone carrier but to go beyond what the other guys offer and work on our clients in a zealous fashion to optimize the value of such transaction for our client as well. President and Founder of Vertical Developments, a company concentrating on maximizing telecommunications options for both telecommunications facilties and site owners. Vertical Developments locates, leases, and assist in the development wireless communication sites for throughout North America. We seek to provide effective site selection solutions founded in efficent management that enables our clients to successfully launch a site by acting as conduit for those parties with available sites and those seeking properties to meet their network build-out requirements.

Dr. Roland Rust – Distinguished University Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business.

AI does the thinking tasks. People just pushed into things where
they have a differentiation advantage over AI, things like
emotional intelligence and empathy. 

Rust is Distinguished University Professor and holds the David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing at the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, the first business professor to be named a Distinguished University Professor at Maryland. He is one of two people who have been named a Fellow of both the American Marketing Association and the European Marketing Academy. He founded the annual Frontiers in Service Conference as well as the Journal of Service Research. He is Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Service and the Center for Complexity in Business. He holds a visiting position at Erasmus University and is an International Research Fellow at Oxford University. His lifetime achievement honors include the AMA Irwin McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award, inaugural Fellow of the AMA, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Fellow, the Converse Award, the Distinguished Marketing Educator Award from the Academy of Marketing Science. His articles and books span the fields of marketing, service management, advertising, psychology, sociology, computer science, information systems, engineering, operations research and management. He is a former Editor of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Service Research, and is currently Editor of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM). He has a global consulting practice, and comments on service issues on television, radio, and in the press. In The Feeling Economy: How Artificial Intelligence Is Creating the Era of Empathy (Springer International Publishing; January 2021), Rust shed light on the reality of multiple AI intelligences and the stages of AI’s ongoing development. Backed by rigorous research, he shared strategies to help business leaders, educators, and today’s workers prepare for careers, organizations, and a world in which AI and HI will collaborate closely—with AI doing more of the “brain” work and humans handling the “heart” work, including social interaction, emotion recognition, nuanced communication, and genuine care for customers.