January 11, 2017 – Jargon Kills Innovation Ransom Stephens & Master of Memory Ron Fry

January 11, 2017 – Jargon Kills Innovation Ransom Stephens & Master of Memory Ron Fry

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Dr. Ransom Stephens – Author of The Left Brain Speaks but The Right Brain Laughs

Dr. Ransom Stephens is a physicist, technologist, and novelist. He’s written over 400 articles on subjects ranging from quantum physics to parenting teenagers and has produced events for Litquake. His first novel, The God Patent, was “the first debut novel to emerge from the new paradigm of online publishing” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Dr. Stephens has been helping engineers advance to technology’s cutting edge since 2005. Whether in person or through articles, white papers, application notes, Ransom teaches engineers the concepts they need to design better systems, better circuits, better serdes, better backplanes, and better ways to find problems and come up with solutions. He can teach at any level of technical sophistication, whatever it takes to help engineers, technical marketers, sales reps, even executives understand the key details of what makes their technology tick. Ransom started out in in basic-research; he worked in laboratories and universities across the United States and Europe specializing in precise measurements of noisy signals before moving to the private sector, first as the Director of Advanced Tech at a startup and now as a Signal Integrity Sage. Ransom is an entertaining author and speaker whose reputation for delivering a clear understanding of complex topics is legendary.
Ransom StephensRansom Stephens

Ron Fry –  Founder and President of Career Press and Author of Master Your Memory: From America’s Top Expert on Study Skills

Ron Fry is a nationally known proponent for the improvement of public education and an advocate for parents and students, playing an active role in strengthening personal education programs. In addition to being the author of the best-selling How to Study series, which has sold more than 3,000,000 copies to date, Ron has written more than 30 other books in the areas of education and careers. He is the founder and president of Career Press, an internationally known independent publisher of trade nonfiction books.
Ron FryCareer Press

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