October 21, 2021 – Infinite Banking Chris Miles, Blind Spots Courtney DeRonde and Real Indiana Jones Brad Ricca

October 21, 2021 – Infinite Banking Chris Miles, Blind Spots Courtney DeRonde and Real Indiana Jones Brad Ricca

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Chris Miles – Founder of Money Ripples

If you want to retire before 60, an IRA and 401K are horrible
places to put your money! Make sure the vehicle matches
the destination.

Meet the leading Cash Flow Expert for Real Estate Investors, Chris Miles! Having become financially independent TWICE by the time he was 39, Chris speaks from experience when teaching real estate investors how to quickly create cash flow and lasting wealth! Featured in US News, CNN Money, and
Bankrate.com, it’s clear that Chris has a high reputation for getting real estate investors life-altering financial results in his company, Money Ripples. On top of helping thousands of real estate investors, Chris is also the host of the Chris Miles Money Show. After working as a traditional financial advisor and stock coach for several years, Chris uses his company Money Ripples, to expose the popular myths around money that have kept so many real estate investors from enjoying financial freedom and peace of mind. Chris consistently practices and teaches.

Courtney DeRonde – Managing Partner at TDT CPAs and Advisors, PC

A lot of entrepreneurs are good at vision or strategy, but
entrepreneurs must crunch the numbers and see if the
strategy works, what will the financial results be.

Courtney DeRonde is a CPA and Managing Partner of TDT CPAs and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders understand and maximize financial information so they can achieve better results and move their organization to the next level. As an owner in her firm and managing partner, she also has firsthand experience running and scaling a small business. Through her passion for sharing knowledge with others, Courtney is recognized within the profession for her expertise as she presents at various conferences and seminars throughout the state.

Brad Ricca – Edgar-Nominated Author of True Raiders: The Untold Story of the 1909 Expedition to Find the Legendary Ark of the Covenant

I got lucky. There is a lot of luck in this. At the same time, you
work in order to get lucky! 

Brad Ricca, author of Mrs. Sherlock Holmes and Super Boys, is a SAGES fellow who teaches classes on comics, popular culture, and narrative biography. He has a passion for telling unconventional stories that haven’t been told before, usually about people who are somewhat invisible and imperfect, in sometimes unconventional ways that explore that moment between someone’s actual life and the telling of it. His film Last Son won a 2010 Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival. Brad has also written for The Beat, Belt, Book Riot, Narratively, History Extra, and the official Star Wars website. He has been in documentaries on the History Channel, AMC, and has been a guest on Criminal, All Things Considered, BBC radio, and Innovation Hub, among others. Brad Ricca’s latest book, Olive the Lionheart: Lost Love, Imperial Spies, and One Woman’s Journey into the Heart of Africa, is based on the extensive diary kept by Ms. MacLeod during her incredible adventure. The book is filled with high adventure, romance, history, heartbreak, and the very personal tale of a remarkable, trailblazing woman.