September 12, 2014 – Chinese E-Commerce Guru Bill Ramsey & Wedding Lover Kellee Khalil

September 12, 2014 – Chinese E-Commerce Guru Bill Ramsey & Wedding Lover Kellee Khalil

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Bill Ramsey – CEO of China Business Consulting 

Bill Ramsey build the international offices for one of the largest, most respected law firms around. He specialized in operations in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets. He contributed to operational success in general business management, mergers and acquisitions, global operations, national and international office start-ups. He established offices in Hong Kong (1997), London (2001), Shanghai (2006), Washington, D.C. and Portland. Now, he is sharing this expertise with all of us, anyone trying to get into China. He became President of the Hong Kong Association of Atlanta in 2007, is active in the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide and served on its Executive Committee since 2007. In 2011, Bill founded China Business Consulting to focus on assisting small businesses explore whether a China strategy makes sense for them. Of course it does!


Kellee Khalil – Founder & CEO of is the first bridal search engine. Kellee Khalil was a bridal PR expert (we didn’t even know that job existed!), but saw the need for a complete bridal website. She helps brides find ideas, help, and things to buy for their wedding. She says you just need to “Search. Save. Share. Shop!” The site launched in 2012. Kellee is a one-time maid of honor and her new team of former bridesmaids and groomsmen is determined to simplify the wedding planning process. is a one-stop-shop for wedding planning with all the help you need. Her startup story and process are great too, worth the listen!

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