October 12, 2015 – Agent of Influence Ben Angel & Movie Maker Michael Lucker

October 12, 2015 – Agent of Influence Ben Angel & Movie Maker Michael Lucker

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Ben Angel – Personal Brander and Author of CLICK

Ben Angel is an author, business and lifestyle columnist and marketing specialist on personal branding. As a professional speaker, he has delivered presentations for Toyota, Australia Post, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Action International and Energise Enterprise Business Festival to audiences over 15,000. With an international following of over 50,000, Ben grooms entrepreneurs, companies and authors in how to become more seductive to their target market, the media and their colleagues via networking skills, dressing to influence, energetic engagement and the art of building influential personal brands. His bestselling books include “CLICK – Finding The Moment When Everything Falls Into Place” and “Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business” and his latest offering via Wiley Publishing, “Flee 9 to 5.”
Ben AngelBen AngelBen Angel

Michael Lucker – Founder of ScreenwriterSchool and Writer of Academy Award Nominated Movies

Michael Lucker is a writer, director and producer with twenty years experience creating film, television, animation and digital media. He began his career writing and directing television commercials and working in production on series and specials for ABC, NBC, CBS and HBO. He was an assistant to Steven Spielberg at Amblin Entertainment on feature films Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, Arachnophobia, Joe Vs. The Volcano, Always, Back To The Future II & III and Jurassic Park. He went onto serve in creative affairs at Hollywood Pictures where he worked on such movies as Crimson Tide, Terminal Velocity, Taking Care of Business and Straight Talk. Michael then embarked on a career as a screenwriter, helping pen more than twenty feature screenplays for Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Fox and Universal, including Vampire In Brooklyn, Home On The Range, Good Intentions and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002 as best animated feature. He also served as screenwriter on the animated sequels to Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Emperor’s New Groove and 101 Dalmatians. He recently launched his own production company, Lucky Dog Filmworks, which now serves as his home for creating film, television and commercial content. A renowned instructor in screenwriting, Michael has lectured at Georgia State University, Morehouse College, Clark University, Savannah College of Art & Design, Art Institute of Atlanta, The Creative Circus, University of South Florida, Boston University and various writing organizations throughout the south. He presently serves as screenwriter mentor to the Atlanta Film Festival, founder of Screenwriter School, advisor to Emory Continuing Education’s Certificate of Screenwriting Program and professor of screenwriting in the esteemed Creative Writing Program at Emory University.
Michael Lucker Michael Lucker

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