January 14, 2013 – Low-Risk Franchising?

January 14, 2013 – Low-Risk Franchising?

Guests: Franchising Guru Leslie Kuban of FranNet and Jim Kerlin, Sandler Training

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Leslie Kuban

Franchise Special: Low-Risk Consistent?

People ask me all the time if franchising is consistent with the School for Startups philosophy of low-risk entrepreneurship. We believe it is. I have invited one of my franchise friends, Leslie Kuban of FranNet, in to talk about how she helps people decide if franchising is right for them and how to select the right one.

Leslie brought Jim Kerlin, who bought a franchise using her guidance, so we get to hear about the process from the other side too.  Jim runs Sandler Training, which was pretty interesting in and of itself, I hear.  He transforms professionals by using Sandler’s proven sales processes and methods to reinforce behavior, attitude, and technique to assure improved sales performance, effective sales management, and strategic customer care. He and his wife, Deborah, live in Sugar Hill and have two children in college, Ben and Rebekah.

I really enjoyed this interview and think you will too!