January 7, 2012 – Going ‘Into the Black’ with Brian Johnson

January 7, 2012 – Going ‘Into the Black’ with Brian Johnson

Guest: Brian Johnson, author Into the Black A GREAT BOOK!

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Brian Johnson wrote about his new book, Into the Black: “If Ayn Rand and Dale Carnegie had a love child, his name would be Ken Briece.  This is the story of his family and a tale of true American pedigree.  You have perhaps heard bits and pieces of their story over the years.  In this work, I endeavor to provide some landscape and depth to the news reels. The characters, their features, and their flaws are as closely told as I am able.  Whatever truth you find here, I cannot take the credit, for it is not my story.  The errors however, are all mine.”

I loved this book about entrepreneurship and wanted to share this story with you. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!

And this episode features our first SMB Spotlight. Today, we feature Wells Fargo and welcome Sean Mabey, SVP of SMB.