April 2, 2018 – Apparel Agency Nichole Rairigh, Boycotts Bill Wooditch, and Boundaries Michael Levitt

April 2, 2018 – Apparel Agency Nichole Rairigh, Boycotts Bill Wooditch, and Boundaries Michael Levitt

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Nichole Rairigh – Founder and CEO of The Apparel Agency 

Nichole Rairigh started a Children’s Clothing line called Ashor’s Room, named after her first daughter. Like many of their amazing and fearless clients, she thought it would be “easy”, especially because of her design background and the fact that it was kids clothing. Nichole took to the street to find material reps, contractors, and eventually built an in-house/local development and production house for the brand. She had to grow fast and learn the ropes quickly since she was selling and getting great placements within magazines and other media outlets, however, factories still found her a bit too green to proceed with a working partnership. So, After attending trade shows, going coast to coast and abroad looking for ANYONE who would work with her little/big brand, she decided it made the most sense for her small business to do “behind the scenes” work internally. After 6 strong years, she decided to retire the brand for personal and professional reasons. As she announced her “retirement” to her peers, they started for her to work for them to develop and produce their lines through her local resources. Nichole thought “ok, why not…” and conceptually The Apparel Agency was born. Nichole realized there was a lot of “her” out there that needed help bridging the gap between them and the factory, and in the same turn of events, she realized factory’s needed them too. The Apparel Agency works with clients to launch, grow, and sustain their brand. They provide full-scope brand management and product development services specializing in the apparel industry. From concept to consumer, they explore, refine and execute your vision by working through the client’s concept’s full potential, creating successful products that are ready to market.
Nichole RairighNichole Rairigh

Bill Wooditch – Speaker, Mentor, Author of Always Forward!: Discover the 7 Secrets of Sales Success

Bill Wooditch is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and peak-performance business training coach. He is the host of “The UNSTOPPABLES” on The Wooditch Network, airing at 8:30 am PST. Bill is a mentor and advocate for those who are determined to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. He specializes in the development, coaching, and mentorship of sales professionals and leaders in business. Bill is personally active in the recruitment, training, and mentoring of today’s determined advocates and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders. He has developed a propriety system that is proven, continually tested, and refined against the ultimate system of measurement that is termed the “bottom line.” Bill is a dynamic, high-energy speaker. His keynote speeches and training sessions are designed and dedicated to delivering the means and methods to achieve peak- performance in business and life pursuits. To date, his talks have included, but are not limited to, leadership, sales, teamwork, and customer service. He delivers knowledge with intention and purpose of conviction. Bill proceeds for “Always Forward! Discover the 7 Secrets of Sales Success” are donated to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an organization that serves the United States military personnel wounded or lost in service to the nations and their family.
Bill WooditchBill Wooditch

Michael Levitt – The Thought Leader on Boundaries. Public Speaker, Executive, and Author of 369 Days: How to Survive a Year of Worst-Case Scenarios

Michael Levitt launched BreakfastLeadership.com because he observed too much many healthcare leaders and managers burnout due to a lack of boundaries. Michael saw how people sacrificed their own happiness for the sake of their career. He noticed the sorrow in their eyes after their partner left them. He also faced the empty void in their glance when they went right into burnout mode. As a thought leader on boundaries, Michael shows senior leaders, managers, and teams how to establish boundaries in their work and personal lives, so that they can get their time and life back. They’ll learn how to accomplish more, by doing less, which will save their careers and possibly their lives. His proven boundary setting system provides a clear, easy to implement strategy so that high achievers can now accomplish more, by doing less.
Michael LevittMichael Levitt

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