January 29, 2014 – ShopGab’s Kyle Joseph & Knowledge for Men’s Andrew Ferebee

January 29, 2014 – ShopGab’s Kyle Joseph & Knowledge for Men’s Andrew Ferebee

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Kyle Joseph – Founder / CEO at ShopGab – Highlights Here

Kyle Joseph is the founder and CEO of a Chicago based company called ShopGab. The site provided online shoppers connections with their friends to gather advice on purchases. However, the company is pivoting, and Kyle shares their thinking and plans for finding a new market. It is a rare to capture a moment like this in history, so it is so educational to hear Kyle as he describes the changes to the model. Thanks so much for sharing this, as we think it is important others hear this lesson. We wish the model the best of success! Kyle is very active in the local entrepreneurial community and we talk about that too. Learn more about his website in the following video….

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Andrew Ferebee – Founder of Knowledge For Men  – Highlights Here

Andrew is the founder of the Knowledge For Men and a Public Speaker. In Knowledge For Men, his Four Pillars help men have better lives in all ways. He focuses on health, wealth, relationships and personal growth. His team of web developers, graphic artists, animators, content writers and SEO specialists help propel this social community for men. He is also a frequent speaker to college and high school students and he has been successfully investing since the age of 18. Learn more about him in this video…..


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