December 15, 2020 – Amazon FBA Seth Kniep and Turnkey Real Estate Xander Cruz

December 15, 2020 – Amazon FBA Seth Kniep and Turnkey Real Estate Xander Cruz

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Seth Kniep – Co-Founder and CEO at Just One Dime

In China’s culture, it is OK to say ‘yes’ to a request even though
that is a flat out lie.

Seth Kniep is the Founder and CEO of Just One Dime, a company that manages over $100M in annual Amazon revenue and trains entrepreneurs in 150+ countries how to build profitable Amazon companies. It all started when hopeless, frustrated, $24,000 in debt, and working for the richest company on the planet, Seth came up with a radical idea. He decided to see what happened if he started with one dime, shared his vision with random strangers, and asked them to double his dime. Within 6 months, his dime busted through the $100,000 goal, and then broke through $1 million on Amazon a few months later. Today, with 9.6 million views on YouTube and 226,000 subscribers, Seth Kniep and his company have been featured on Yahoo Finance and Chicago Weekly. They have trained 27 Amazon sellers into multi-millionaires, run the Amazon store for one of the sharks from Shark Tank TV show, and Amazon flew Seth to their headquarters in Seattle to consult on ways to improve their third-party platform.

Alexander Cruz – Partner and Turnkey Director at CR of Maryland

Despite the headlines, Baltimore is a nice place to live. There
are lots of jobs here and a booming economy.

Alexander (Xander) Cruz is a full-time real estate investor and Turnkey Director for CR of Maryland: a real estate investment company that has grown into one of the largest home renovation companies in the Northeast. With over 2,000 transactions under their belts, CR of Maryland has developed a network of resources and relationships that they use to buy homes inexpensively. They have 350 single-family properties in Baltimore owned and under management, will rehab and sell more than 140 turnkeys in 2020, have done over 400 flips and 400 wholesales in Baltimore. Xander worked from the onset with Craig Reich and Brock Reich in developing CR of Maryland into one of the premier residential Real Estate Companies in Baltimore. Today he is the Turnkey Director, working closely with other Department Managers and directly with clients. Xander and his team ensure that successful relationships are built, top-notch service and high-quality product is delivered, and excellent Property Management is the standard.