October 23, 2020 – Advisor Architect Dan Cuprill, Flipper Lender Jodi Vetterl and Minority VC Kathryn Ross

October 23, 2020 – Advisor Architect Dan Cuprill, Flipper Lender Jodi Vetterl and Minority VC Kathryn Ross

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Dan Cuprill – The Creator of Advisor Architect and Owner of Money and Clarity

I never bought into this idea that I have to be unprofitable for
many years before I can be profitable. You should be able to be
profitable almost out the door. 

Dan Cuprill is a Certified Financial Planner, blogger, a prolific communicator, and host of two podcasts: Solving the Financial Puzzle & The Profitable Advisor. Committed to the art of holistic planning, Dan emphasized the need to view personal finance similar to achieving and maintaining good health. His firm, Advisor Architect, teaches advisors the power of systems to transition from what he calls a crappy sales job to becoming a real entrepreneur and owning a major profit center. A financial advisor himself, Dan’s fee-based firm Money & Clarity manages close to $200 million in assets for clients in 20 states. Known for his polite candor, Dan refuses to engage his clients in speculative strategies like stock picking, market timing, and crypto-currency. His practice is best suited for those who seek an advocate in all areas financial. Dan is also the author several books, most notably Advisor Architect: Building the Practice You’ve Always Wanted and Renegade Advisor: Surviving in the Age of Amazon.

Jodi Vetterl – CEO and Financial Mentor at Beyond the Banks Academy

I am the money lender for someone who is buying
houses below fair market.

Jodi Vetterl is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Financial Coach, and CEO of Beyond the Banks Academy. She has had a 20-year career in software sales, working at publicly-traded software companies such as Autodesk, AVID & ANSYS, and has won multiple sales achievement awards, closed 7-digit deals, and enjoyed several President’s Club trips around the world. Desiring a career outside of Corporate America, Jodi spent the last 15 years building up a real estate portfolio in both the US and Canada as a passive investor with such strategies as buy and hold single-family homes, investing in multi-family buildings through limited partnerships, and private lending to active investors rehabilitating homes. As a result of these strategies, Jodi was able to retire from corporate at the age of 46 and fulfill her passions around writing, speaking and consulting. She shares these strategies in her book, Beyond the Banks: Success Strategies in Real Estate as a Private Lender, because she enjoys educating others with the resources and knowledge that have helped her create life balance in a more heartfelt way.

Kathryn Ross – Open Innovation Global Lead and Black Founders Development Program Lead at Accenture

$130 billion of investor dollars flowed to entrepreneurs in 2019
and less than 1% went to black founders. 

Kathryn Ross (Samuels) is the global lead for Open Innovation where she works to connect Accenture’s ecosystem partners to clients to help drive growth and innovation. She has enjoyed a 26+year career with Accenture focusing on emerging disruptive technologies and helping industry-leading clients prepare for combat and understand how these new functions and capabilities will impact their businesses. She was promoted to Partner/Managing Director after creating, organizing, and managing Accenture’s Labs North America business development team and generating a $250M+ pipeline within two years. Kathryn is also the lead for the Black Founders Development Program, which is helping to level the playing field for Black technology-startup founders and entrepreneurs through investment, mentorship, community, and support. She is a strong leader, focused on closing the gap between clients and entrepreneurial start-ups helmed by minority or women founders/CEOs as well as ventures in the sustainability or social impact space.