August 6, 2020 – Bunker Building Bradley Garrett and Accountable Michael O’Leary

August 6, 2020 – Bunker Building Bradley Garrett and Accountable Michael O’Leary

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Bradley Garrett – Social/Cultural Geographer at University College Dublin and Author of Bunker

We have created a society where there is the potential for an
accident to take place everywhere at the same time. 

Dr. Bradley L. Garrett is a cultural geographer, writer and photographer based between Los Angeles and Dublin. He holds a PhD from the University of London and has published over 50 academic journal articles and book chapters. In 2015, he was the recipient of Outstanding Early Career Alumni award from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. Previously an archaeologist with the United States Bureau of Land Management, Brad moved to London in 2008 and began sneaking into lost, forgotten and off-limits places in the city, photographing them, and sharing them with the public. Bradley writes also for the Guardian, Financial Times, Domus, and Resurgence and Ecologist. His work has been featured on worldwide media outlets, including GQ Magazine in the USA, Conversations on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the BBC in the UK. Dr Garrett’s fifth and latest book entitled Bunker: Building for the End Times, is about the 3.7 million Americans that are prepping on some scale, from stockpiling food and supplies during the coronavirus pandemic to spending thousands or sometimes millions of dollars on a backyard bunker, to joining a prepper community that has already prepared shelters for the next apocalypse.

Michael O’Leary – Author of Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism

In the fight to reform capitalism, we have won the battle
of ideas, but are losing the war of substantive action.

Michael O’Leary was on the founding team of Bain Capital’s social impact fund. Previously, he invested in consumer, industrial, and technology companies through Bain Capital’s private equity fund. He has served as an economic policy adviser in the United States Senate and on two presidential campaigns. Michael studied philosophy at Harvard College and earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Michael is the co-author of the forthcoming book, Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism, where the authors cut through the tired dogma of current economic thinking to reveal a hopeful truth: If we can make our corporations accountable to a deeper purpose, we can make capitalism both prosperous and good.