June 7, 2024 – Irish Entrepreneur Patrick Noel Daly and Remote Worker Trust Wayne Stanley

June 7, 2024 – Irish Entrepreneur Patrick Noel Daly and Remote Worker Trust Wayne Stanley

Patrick Noel Daly – 3 Exits, Founded of PND Global Consulting and Author of Just Start Up: A Guide to Building Startups from an Entrepreneur who has learned the hard way

Patrick Noel Daly

Patrick Noel Daly is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded three of his own startups in IT, SaaS and medical. Patrick Noel is taking that experience to help as a business advisor, mainly focusing on business development and growing sales in various industries. He founded PND Global Consulting to help companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs to succeed. He was a winner on the Late Late Enterprise Show with a special school bag that he designed to help kids carry heave loads of books. Patrick Noel was Bank of Ireland/Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Ireland in 1999. Patrick now licenses his own established products to licensees and resellers in medical care and healthcare, having invented and developed these medical innovations to provide products that are “good for people”, which he says was his primary reason for inventing the products. Previously, Patrick founded and ran EnMed Technologies Ltd. He grew the business and managed the development of an innovative product range for international medical markets and he successfully exited that business in 2011. Patrick is a volunteer mentor with iCorps which is part of the government backed National Science Foundation in the USA. He also volunteers mentor support to Princeton University and other entrepreneurship agencies around the world. Personal Profile Patrick is orginally from Cork, Ireland and has travelled the world on business and more recently he started writing while travelling globally for leisure and to help mentor entrepreneurs over the last 4 years. He has written “Just Start Up-A Guide to Building Startups” and more recently he wrote and launched his first Children’s book “A Young Hero Triceratops Named NOLY” to help encourage kids to think about entrepreneurship, resourcefulness and helping others from the earliest age. Profits go to children’s charities. As a chatty Corkman, Patrick loves to socialize and talk to as many people as possible on his travels. He loves to cook and sing (sometimes together).

Wayne Stanley – Chief Inspiration Officer of Bowe Digital 

Wayne Stanley

Wayne Stanley is Bowe Digital’s Chief Inspiration Officer, leading a thriving marketing agency acclaimed for website design, email marketing, and social media prowess. Under his dynamic leadership, Bowe Digital earned consecutive “Best Places to Work in Indiana” awards. In 2023, Wayne received the prestigious October Research “Exemplary Leadership Award” at the NS3 and was named “2023 Marketing Leader” by HousingWire. His influence spans the title industry, bolstered by his role as part owner of Title Success. Wayne’s background includes impactful stints in the US Senate and ALTA, affirming his status as a luminary in marketing and real estate. Bowe Digital works with businesses of all shapes and sizes on website creation, email marketing, social media, video, design, and much more. In 2023, Bowe Digital was named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Wayne is also part owner of Title Success – Powered by Bowe Digital, which helps real estate title companies through the mergers and acquisitions process. He also owns Railroad Marketing, a turn-key marketing company for real estate professionals.