February 26, 2015 – PhotoPad’s Diane Najm and Yaniv Davidson of Tunity App

February 26, 2015 – PhotoPad’s Diane Najm and Yaniv Davidson of Tunity App

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Diane Najm – Founder and CEO PhotoPad

Diane Najm is a serial entrepreneur. Her most recent endeavor is as CEO & Founder of PhotoPad for Business. She is passionate about the start-up community, and to that end, serves as Director of the Seattle Founder Institute and as a Mentor and Coach at Start up Weekend, Diane serves on several Advisory Boards including Women In Wireless and NAPW. By serving on the Board of Trustee for a non-profit Olive Crest, she advocates for the community for child abuse and neglect. The Founder Institute is one of the largest start up idea accelerators and has programs in over 42 cities globally, with over 800 companies launched.
Diane NajmDiane NajmDiane Najm

Yaniv Davidson – Founder of Tunity

Yaniv Davidson started Tunity which allows you to scan a muted Live TV and listen to the audio streamed directly to your phone! Just scan any TV for one second and the app will identify the channel, and push the synchronized audio to your phone for easy listening. Very cool! Yaniv is a judge for the MIT 100K Business Plan  Competition. He also advises early stage ventures on market penetration strategy, fundraising, product development, business development and working with celebrities.
Yaniv DavidsonYaniv DavidsonYaniv Davidson

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