November 16, 2018 – Get Your Head Out Bethany Andell, Construction Success John Fairclough and Writing Books Arlene Gale

November 16, 2018 – Get Your Head Out Bethany Andell, Construction Success John Fairclough and Writing Books Arlene Gale

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Bethany Andell – President at Savage Brands and Author of Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line: And Build Your Brand on Purpose

Bethany Andell, President of Savage Brands, a highly respected branding firm, works to forge powerful connections – connecting people to people and connecting brands to their core purpose. Bethany is responsible for keeping Savage focused on its own purpose – to unleash the inherent good in all organizations. In Bethany and Jackie Dryden’s recent business book, “Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line,” they convey to business leaders the reasons for leading with purpose and the practical methodology for building a purposeful brand. Bethany and Jackie speak at industry and professional events and conferences. Bethany has her MBA from Rice University and her BFA from the University of Arizona. She is currently a member of Vistage International and an active contributor to the Conscious Capitalism movement. Savage Brands, an agency in Houston, Texas, knows that business-to-business companies need to connect with their purpose, too, and works with companies in energy, manufacturing, chemical, banking, professional services and more, helping them connect with their purpose to transform the company from the inside out, and transform their brand in the process.

John Fairclough – Founder and CEO of Resicom Group

John Fairclough is the founder/CEO of Resicom Group, where he and his team help retailers optimize the way they improve and maintain their store environment. Under his leadership, the company evolved from a local construction company into an international provider of facility maintenance and construction services. He’s taking that knowledge on the road, inspiring brands around the world maintain their standards, through podcast interviews. Being a “People First Leader” and how to build this into the DNA of a company: “Overcoming set-backs: How to build something from nothing and what to do when you face seemingly insurmountable odds, Maintaining Retail Facilities: How focusing on the people most-often overlooked turned Resicom into an industry leader across the country, Unshakable Faith: How living a principled life makes you a better leader, and Managing a portfolio of businesses is all about putting the right people in the right seats and guiding them to make their own mark.”

Arlene Gale – Book Writing Business Coach.

Arlene Gale “The Book Writing Business Coach”. Through her passion for writing and her step-by-step writing program, Arlene works with professionals to write and market top quality books for leveraging their business expertise and growing their business. Arlene has 30 years of professional writing and international speaking experience. Her writing services range from working with a client as either a writing coach and accountability partner or as a ghostwriter. She offers a full range of writing services, which also include editing, marketing, best-seller campaigns, as well as speaker training and visuals preparation. Arlene did her pitch at NMS based on the fact that she have written 100’s of books that have earned her clients millions of dollars in business. She help pople write their book in such a way that it is a powerful and profitable business-building credibility tool. Arlene have written 8 books that have her name on the front cover that have become Number one New Releases and Number One Best Sellers. Arlene’s most recent was launched on 9-18-18 and it is her business brand book: Book Business Blueprint: Built Credibility, Stand Out from the Competition, and Skyrocket Sales By Writing Your Book.”  she wrote this book and had it in hand in 7 weeks, just to show her methods work and are duplicatable. She is also booking paid speaking gigs and workshops based on the info in this book.