April 12, 2021 – Too Many Businesses To Count Mitche Graf and Famous Violins Dmitry Badiarov

April 12, 2021 – Too Many Businesses To Count Mitche Graf and Famous Violins Dmitry Badiarov

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Mitche Graf – Noted author and business speaker

Your number goal should be how do I offload this to somebody
else and, how can I automate the system so it requires less time,
less effort, less resources.

Over the past three decades, Mitche Graf has created two award-winning restaurants, a bustling catering & events company, a national spice manufacturing business with over 4000 accounts, a photography studio, a cribbage board company, an award-winning limousine business, a portable hot tub rental business, a drive-through espresso company, a multi-million dollar educational products company, an athletic fitness testing corporation, and even a nightcrawler company. As an educator and motivational speaker, Mitche’s high-voltage seminars, workshops, and coaching have been taught around the world to over 75,000 people in nine countries and nearly every state in the U.S. His cutting-edge articles and columns have appeared in the pages of business trade magazines such as Rangefinder, PPA Magazine, Limo Digest, Chauffer Driven, Image Maker, and Fresh Cup, as well as many online marketing sites and blogs.

Dmitry Badiarov – Violin Craftsman & Award Winning Speaker

My burning desire is to revive this ancient culture (of
handmade violins) and keep it alive because it is so beautiful. 

Dmitry Badiarov is a craftsman, who specialises in designing and selling original, concert grade violins. However, after years of knock-backs at the start of his career, he came to learn that skill and passion were not the only things he needed to succeed in his line of work – he also had to learn how to be an entrepreneur. These days, he makes impressive money doing what he does, and he is confident in his ability to attract clients and make a sale. He has also been featured in major news outlets such as The Nikkei News, Radio France, The Strad Magazine and more, and uses social media marketing to help amplify his message even further.