March 6, 2024 – Video Content 2 Ways! Marc Bjerring and ChewTyme Food Delivery Ashley Cunningham

March 6, 2024 – Video Content 2 Ways! Marc Bjerring and ChewTyme Food Delivery Ashley Cunningham

Marc Bjerring – Co-Founder of Tourism Video Co Spivo and Speaker Video Co OutSpeakMedia    

We hold speaker demo days in Portland where we have a beautiful stage,
and you can come speak on a stage that looks like you are giving a Ted talk,
but you were really in and empty room. We film it from a number of different
camera angles to create your speaker demo reel.

Marc Bjerring

Marc Bjerring is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He has a passion for adventure and extreme sports which led him to develop and patent an innovative video camera mount. It sold worldwide and generated millions in revenue. Seeing opportunities in the video industry, Marc co-founded and currently operates two video agencies. specializes in making personal travel videos for busy professionals, and makes powerful speaker demo reels for public speakers.

Ashley Cunningham – Founder of ChewTyme and Business Credit Expert

For black women following me, you need to create an action plan,
stay consistent, and most importantly, stick to the vision, whatever
the vision is, stick to it!

Ashley Cunningham

Ashley Loveless Cunningham is the Creator of ChewTyme, a food delivery app/platform dedicated to empowering minority business owners in the culinary industry. Ashley, a credit expert, created ChewTyme after understanding the challenges faced by restaurant owners, particularly those from underrepresented communities, in scaling and expanding their businesses. To address these challenges, ChewTyme has designed a unique approach to support and uplift these entrepreneurs. There are no monthly charges. ChewTyme offers a free platform for minority-owned restaurants to list their businesses and reach a broader audience without the burden of monthly charges. This promotes inclusivity and allows these restaurants to tap into the benefits of digital exposure and food delivery services without upfront costs. State-of-the-Art Business Credit University: As part of our commitment to supporting the growth of minority-owned restaurants, ChewTyme offers access to a Business Credit University. This platform is designed to educate and guide restaurant owners on building strong business credit profiles.