January 21, 2020 – Video Persuasion Rick Cesari and Gaping Void Jason Korman

January 21, 2020 – Video Persuasion Rick Cesari and Gaping Void Jason Korman

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Rick Cesari – Strategic Branding Expert – Direct Response Video Pioneer – Author of Video Persuasion

Rick Cesari is a video marketing and strategic branding expert who has been a pioneer behind brand response advertising since the ’90s. He helped create the concept of “sell while you brand” and has been the force behind the creation of many of today’s iconic consumer brands including Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, and many others. He has helped take companies like GoPro from start-up to over $1 billion in sales in just a few short years. Rick’s newest book, Video Persuasion, puts his experience with winning companies in the hands of everyday business owners, marketers, brand managers, and more. His innovative ideas around video marketing are changing the game for brands big and small alike. Today he’s focused on video marketing as a powerful tool for increasing sales and building your business. In Video Persuasion, Rick shares his best practices for influencing customers by creating and leveraging compelling stories on video.

Jason Korman – CEO of GapingVoid Culture Design Group and Founder of Stormhoek Winery

Jason Korman is the co-founder and CEO of gapingvoid. A serial entrepreneur, his early career was spent in the wine business. At age of 24, he created La Crema Winery from the assets of a bankrupt Sonoma County wine producer, eventually farming nearly 200 acres of vineyard and running three different facilities in Northern California. Later, Jason went on to create Stormhoek, a South African winery that became an early case study on how to utilize social media to create a global brand. Jason explored internet marketing with Stormhoek with successes like a viral campaign that cleared out the shelves of a 2000-store UK wine retailer in a weekend. Stormhoek won an AdAge 50, among other awards. Gapingvoid has always been about seeing the world through a unique lens that connects seemingly unrelated ideas to provide insight, and about making life and business a little more human. The core concept informing Jason’s work is the belief that business and products connect with people in complex, emotional ways. Technology has changed how we work, and there is an ongoing realignment of where work and life intersect. Jason explores the culture of work and consumerism to help his team deliver amazing business outcomes.