May 8, 2014 – Veteran Entrepreneur Week w John Phillips, Ray Margiano & Lisa Rosser

May 8, 2014 – Veteran Entrepreneur Week w John Phillips, Ray Margiano & Lisa Rosser

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Veteran Entrepreneur Week

John (JP) Phillips – Author of Boots to Loafers, Finding Your New True North – Director of Finance at Coca-Cola – Highlights Here

John Phillips is a service to civilian transition expert. He works today to help others transition, just as he did from a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel to a successful career with The Coca-Cola Company. He talks about using the leadership and management skills he gained in the military during his more than 15 years at The Coca-Cola Company. There he has established several programs to serve veterans and their families including the The Coca-Cola Company Veterans Day Program. His book was released to reach more veterans as “they Transition, Transform, and Integrate back into civilian life.”


Ray Margiano PhD., CEO & Founder at Balance Walking and Foot Solutions – Class of 2012 Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Veteran Inductee  – Highlights Here

Ray Margiano has been on the show two times previously, but we did not talk about his military service. Ray worked at Sikorsky Aircraft and Textron but left to start  Heel Quik. He grew the franchise system to over 700 units in 34 countries. In 2000, he started another franchise system called Foot Solutions. It has 250 plus stores now. And he works to share Balance Walking and its benefits. Today, Ray shares his insights on how the military impacted his life and how important he feels it was. Ray also helped recruit others guest for this special week. Thanks Ray!

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Lisa Rosser – CEO and Founder of The Value Of a Veteran  – Highlights Here

Lisa Rosser’s works to improve military service member’s ability to transition to employment, education or entrepreneurship. She created her company, The Value Of a Veteran, in 2007 to teach corporations, government agencies, higher education institutions and franchisors to understand military culture and the value military service members can offer. Her book of the same name helps develop military recruiting programs in Human Resource offices to make it easier to hire veterans.

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