May 7, 2020 – Urnex Coffee Empire Joshua Dick and The Mindset Group Joni Rae

May 7, 2020 – Urnex Coffee Empire Joshua Dick and The Mindset Group Joni Rae

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Joshua Dick – Former CEO of Urnex and Author of Grow Like a Lobster

Over fifteen years, Joshua Dick transformed Urnex, a small family business into a global market leader in the coffee industry with customers in over 70 countries and distribution facilities on three continents, like Starbucks and Keurig. In the process, sales grew more than 25 times while earnings multiplied over 275 times. Throughout his career in the coffee industry, he relied on the unusual metaphor of the lobster to unite the team and prepare the organization. Awareness that lobsters never stop growing and of the trauma they experience during molt can remind any business to enjoy the ups while preparing for the downs that always come. Joshua has now dedicated himself to helping others who seek to build extraordinary businesses based on what they truly love to do. In Grow Like a Lobster: Plan and Prepare for Extraordinary Business Results, Joshua shares his insights with leaders seeking to create their own dream jobs. He provides a guidebook for steering any organization through the growth and molting phases we all encounter when working to create extraordinary results.

Joni Rae – Founder and CEO of The Mindset Group

Joni Rayos Samilin worked with two of the largest consulting firms in the world, namely Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte Consulting, and has been a leadership and business consultant for over 12 years. She has led enterprise-wide transformations at numerous government agencies and small businesses. Her life mission and work focus is to empower leaders to be the greatest versions of themselves through the power of mindset. Currently, as an executive coach, master facilitator, and business consultant, Joni is taking The Mindset Group across the world to lead personal and professional development workshops. She offers mindset mastermind programs and leadership retreats to her clients, who are mostly entrepreneurs.