July 24, 2019 – The CFO Project Adam Lean, Sales Psychology Brad McDonald and PinchForth Nick Petros

July 24, 2019 – The CFO Project Adam Lean, Sales Psychology Brad McDonald and PinchForth Nick Petros

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Adam Lean – Founder of The CFO Project

If you want to start an e-commerce store, it’s got to be something
that’s niche. Something that can separate you from Amazon. 

Adam Lean was like many business owners – wearing all the hats. Sales were up and business was growing, but his profits weren’t telling the same story. Even as an accountant, he couldn’t figure out why. He learned that there needs to be someone focusing on the company’s finances. This is when he founded The CFO Project. He and his team of CFOs give small business owners the same opportunity as big businesses to have a Chief Financial Officer to help improve the profitability of their business through a system that ensures their business is financially solid and more profitable.

Brad McDonald – Operations Director at Sandler Systems and Author of The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology: Why Buyers and Sellers Do What They Do

Make is easy for people to say ‘No.’ Address that up front. When I
tell people its ok to say ‘No,’ it tends to make it a little easier
to say ‘Yes” also. 

Brad McDonald is an operations director at Sandler Training. He is responsible for domestic franchisee support and growth. This includes all facets of on-boarding, training, and coaching of trainers within the network. He also provides on-site training to Sandler Global clients. He spent 28 years in the United States Navy, principally as a submarine officer.

Nick Petros – Founder at PinchForth

It will never quite be enough. There is always another hill
to climb, and we will focus on that just as we do for our partners.

Nick Petros is the founder at Pinchforth. He works with early-stage founders to establish traction and scale (revenue & customer adoption), with a value-based approach. It empowers them to uncover their most potent, untapped opportunities. But there’s a mission behind the consulting effort too: he believes we’re in the middle of an unprecedented (technological) building boom. Now more than ever people have every opportunity to bring their ideas to life. So his focus is on helping them make that happen. Their clients enjoy a 300% Return on Investment.