January 29, 2021 – Sunsama Founder Ashutosh Priyadarshy and Studio Z Zach Schiffman

January 29, 2021 – Sunsama Founder Ashutosh Priyadarshy and Studio Z Zach Schiffman

“The audio file was removed when we switched hosts. Sorry. The cost was prohibitive. If you need the file, contact us and we will send it.”

Ashutosh Priyadarshy – Founder at Sunsama

Take checks as quickly as they come. Be done with fund raising
as fast as you can so you get back to work on your product. 

Ashutosh is the founder of Sunsama. Sunsama is a daily planner for elite professionals that helps you plan out a focused workday by pulling together your tasks from all of your tools. Sunsama has a projected revenue of $600,000 and has raised over $2,400,000 in funding. With a team of 5 serving 1,500+ customers, Sunsama is perfect for elite professionals looking to stay organized. Sunsama is an invite-only daily task manager for the top 5% of knowledge workers. Sunsama gives busy professionals struggling with stress and burnout a way to prioritize all their tasks, meetings, and to-dos one day at a time. The founders have spent the past five years researching this methodology. They recently launched this version of the product, and it is now used by over 100 YC founders and tech executives.

Zach Schiffman – Founder of Studio Z

I knew I had 2 clients wanting a product. So, I locked in the
contracts and bought the equipment I needed. Buy only things
that the ROI will happen in 2 to 3 clients max.

Zach Schiffman is the founder of Studio Z. Studio Z is a successful video and photo activations business in New York and is the master at using experimental marketing to boost brand awareness to help businesses stand out both online and offline. He recently had an online photo booth event with 15,000 attending! Not only does he run an awesome business but he is also the floor manager for the Today show on NBC!