September 15, 2021 – Stuf Storage Kat Lau and Bizydev Jonathan Fishman

September 15, 2021 – Stuf Storage Kat Lau and Bizydev Jonathan Fishman

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Kat Lau – CEO and Co-Founder at Stuf

We have reimagined self-storage by bringing to closer to our
customers. We take forgotten spaces and turn that into tech
enabled neighborhood storage. 

Kat Lau on the show. Kat is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stuf, a modern self storage solution. For background, Stuf is a next-generation self-storage startup that provides easy-to-access and “right next door” storage in a safe, warm and inviting environment for tech-enabled users. Stuf partners with commercial real estate owners to monetize unused spaces in buildings, creating new cash flow opportunities while providing neighborhoods with new amenities. Katharine’s self-storage journey started when she was faced with a problem common to so many city-dwellers: where to store extra stuff? Stuf is currently operating in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and New York with more locations opening throughout 2021. Prior to Stuf, she led real estate at Industrious and also worked at Equinox and PGIM Real Estate. In her free time, she’s nonstop eating delicious food.

Jonathan Fishman – Co-Founder of Bizydev

Essentially Busydev is a business developing company that
helps start ups grow their business, mainly through customers,
partners and, capital.

For over 15 years, Jonathan Fishman has perfected the art of being a master connector. Through his work as a business owner/operator and always focused on creating value and growth, Jonathan saw a broader opportunity to create a business development group that could help accelerate growth for a variety of companies. Jonathan specializes in cultivating high-impact strategies, growth initiatives, partnerships and innovation for Bizydev clients in a myriad of industries, including real estate, retail, sports, media, health/wellness, and technology. Jon is a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and holds a Masters from New York University.