June 17, 2024 – Student AI Shayan Khanlarbeik and Connecting Potential Pam August

June 17, 2024 – Student AI Shayan Khanlarbeik and Connecting Potential Pam August

Shayan Khanlarbeik – Co-Founder of Mindgrasp – AI for Students 

The most common use of the Mindgrasp platform is students using it as a
tutor, helping them understand a lecture. It can create analogies for you
and explain things to you. One user asked the platform to explain a lecture
as if it was from SpongeBob. It was incredible. Or you can generate reports
based on Zoom meetings.

Shayan Khanlarbeik

Shayan Khanlarbeik, born and raised in Maryland, stayed close to his roots and pursued the pre-dental track at the University of Maryland. During his senior year of undergraduate education and entering into his gap year, he discovered a strong passion for entrepreneurship and leadership that was facilitated by his cultural competency, ability to communicate with others and project management skills. Developing a strong understanding of machine learning through his first year as a co-founder of Mindgrasp, Khanlarbeik leads the team as COO. Mindgrasp AI, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) learning assistant for students and professionals, launched in 2021 out of the Maryland Innovation Center. Mindgrasp AI reads, listens and watches uploads to create notes, summaries, flashcards and quizzes. This model has enabled more than 500,000 registered users to save time, learn faster and improve memorization and comprehension skills. The educational technology software is trusted by students from esteemed education institutions across the U.S. as well as post-grad professionals.

Pam August – Founder of Connecting Potential and Author of Potential: How to Connect What’s Already There for Exponential Impact

Breathing is the only automatic body process that is done unconsciously,
but we can also do consciously.

Pam August

Pam August guides organizations, teams, and leaders to unlock the potential that is already there for transformational results. She was the director of culture activation at WestJet, one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures, where for fourteen years she was a fierce champion and developer of people and culture as a key enabler of strategic success. Today, she is a trusted partner for high-performance organizations around the world through her firm, Connecting Potential. With deep and diverse experience, she knows what it takes to uncover, align, and activate the best of what organizations already offer and what they can develop into. Pam is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, coach, and cocreator with a strong foundation of lifelong learning. She has a Bachelor of Adult Education, a Master of Arts in Leadership, and is certified as an Organization and Relationships Systems (ORSC) and brain-based coach. Pam takes pleasure in solving tricky problems, listening deeply, learning always, and laughing—a lot.