September 18, 2017 – Strategic Storyteller Alexander Jutkowitz, 3-1-3 Inventor Ryan Foland and Personal Credit Darius Norman

September 18, 2017 – Strategic Storyteller Alexander Jutkowitz, 3-1-3 Inventor Ryan Foland and Personal Credit Darius Norman

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Alexander Jutkowitz – CEO of Hill+Knowlton and Author of The Strategic Storyteller: Content Marketing in the Age of the Educated Consumer

Alexander Jutkowitz is CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the U.S. and a board member of the Advertising Council. Alexander is one of the top evangelists taking marketing and communications toward a more impactful, integrated strategy. The pioneering work of GROUP SJR, which he co-founded, shows that brands who create their own stories innovate faster, inspire greater consumer loyalty, and make durable gains in their reputations. He has more than twenty years of experience in a wide array of disciplines including political pollster, digital architect, brand strategist and content creator. Alexander has worked in more than 30 countries leading marketing, communication, and political campaigns for multinational corporations, governments, non-profits, prominent individuals, and trade associations. In addition to co-founding GROUP SJR and Truffle Pig, he is the author of The Strategic Storyteller.

Alexander Jutkowitz

Ryan Foland – Communication Strategist, International Speaker and Writer 

Ryan Foland coaches leaders around the world to simplify their spoken and written messaging. He helps them achieve greater impact in their communications. He is the inventor of the “3-1-3 Method,” a process expressing ideas in three sentences, you then condense into one sentence and then reduce down to three words. Ryan was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top Personal Branding Expert and was named by Inc. Magazine as a Top Youth Marketer. His company, InfluenceTree, specializes in helping entrepreneurs discover, build and grow their personal brands. Ryan is a radio show host and is known as the high energy #GingerMC. 

Ryan FolandRyan Foland

Darius Norman – Personal Credit Guru and Author of Rewriting Financial Rules: Simple keys to rewriting financial rules using credit repairing, building, and consumer reporting strategies

Darius Norman is a Social Worker and Motivational Speaker with 10 years of experience working with individuals, families, and communities. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Religion from Morris Brown College 2003, and he went on to obtain his Graduate Degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University in 2005. After entering the work force, he ran into financial troubles. His mission since he overcame these financial ups and downs is to empower others to assist them in taking control of their financial and credit issues, so they can have a secure financial future. He also works as a Social Worker at WellCare Health Plans.
Darius NormanDarius Norman

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