November 24, 2014 – USAToday Writer Steve Strauss, Pitcher Gavin McCulley & Sticky.FM Adam Pollock

November 24, 2014 – USAToday Writer Steve Strauss, Pitcher Gavin McCulley & Sticky.FM Adam Pollock

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Gavin McCulley – Host of The Pitch Deck, Managing Partner of Twin Rivers Holdings

Gavin McCulley is the host of “The Pitch Deck” podcast where he interviews guests who share more about successful startup strategies, and where his own expertise shines. He is also the Managing Partner at Twin Rivers Holdingsand the founding chapter President of Keiretsu Forum – Charleston, a nationally syndicated group of over 1100 angel investors. Gavin is also the Co-Founder of the South Carolina Film Council, working to represent the area’s film industry and its professionals in politics at both state and local levels. Gavin also has a background as a Logistics Office and Commander in the 7th Special Forces Group. He has a definitive passion for entrepreneurial adventures and the corresponding technology.
Gavin McCulleyGavin McCulleyGavin McCulley

Steve Strauss – Senior USA TODAY Small Business Columnist

Steve Strauss is a leading small business expert and shares his wealth of knowledge as an internationally recognized speaker, columnist, and attorney. He is also also the author of 17 books, including The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business. As a weekly columnist at Steve gives insight to small business owners and entrepreneurs on everything from writing in the workplace to marketing, and his column is one of the longest-running business columns in the world – running for 17 years. Steve has spoken as an expert for the U.S. State Department in locations such as India, Japan, Mongolia, and the West Bank, and he sits on the Board of the World Entrepreneurship Forum in France.

Steve StraussSteve StraussSteve Strauss 

Adam Pollock – Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of

Adam Pollock is a serial entrepreneur with a long history in online retailing, product design and marketing, publishing, team building, and mobile application production. He is the Mobile Product Manager for Voxox and the Founder of, providing advertising for mobile apps. Adam is also the CEO of Innovative Applications LLC, the parent company of He is also a Fire Captain with the Intermountain Fire & Rescue of California.

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