August 30, 2016 – Start-Up J Curve Howard Love, College Match US David Montesano & Antidote Dr. Robert Blackman

August 30, 2016 – Start-Up J Curve Howard Love, College Match US David Montesano & Antidote Dr. Robert Blackman

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Howard Love – Founder/CEO of LoveToKnow, Angel Investor and Author of The Start-Up J Curve: The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

Howard has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, and during that time has founded or co-founded 15 companies. In addition to starting companies, he invests in early stage ventures and has made over 50 such investments, usually specializing in the consumer Internet and mobile sectors. Howard also is Founder & CEO of LoveToKnow Corp, a digital publishing firm with over 30 million monthly visitors. LoveToKnow’s primary media properties are,, and He has led several of these companies himself as well as advising many others. Howard served on numerous public and private company boards and is currently on the boards of directors of FlexJobs, Dealbase, HotelTonight, 10 Foot Wave, and Knowingly. He has lived in Silicon Valley for the past twenty-five years.
Howard LoveHoward LoveSchool for Startups Radio

David Montesano – Admission Strategist at College Match US  and author of Brand U” 4 Steps to Getting Into the College of Your Dreams

David Montesano is a college admissions strategist. David has helped hundreds of clients find and gain access to the best match undergraduate and graduate programs over the past twenty years. From offices in the U.S., David serves families with students who hope to attend college from a wide range of achievement levels and high school backgrounds. He has taught at Trinity College, Dublin and California College of the Arts before working as a strategy consultant for Booz, Allen & Hamilton where he specialized in brand strategy, counseling clients on marketing and identity development. David developed his company to guide students toward their best college matches using students’ core values as well as their college preferences. He has been mentioned in CollegeBound News, profiled by the Washington Post education writer and in Newsweek’s “America’s Hottest Colleges.” He was called a “new breed of college admission consultants who use business school marketing principles to sell students to their preferred college.” David has contributed to articles in US News & World Report, Seattle Magazine, and Newsweek. David is a member of industry associations including Higher Education Consultants Association and Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling.
David MontesanoDavid Montesano

Dr. Robert Blackman – Author of The Antidote: A Window To The Unimaginable

Dr. Blackman graduated in 1970 from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in Manhattan, NY. He has been a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine for over 40 years and has had literally decades of R & D in healing arts. He has found in order to truly be well, you must treat “the whole person” body, mind and spirit. He opened the first holistic health center in San Francisco, CA in 1980. His “Front and Back Holistic Health Center” is a healing center practicing in healthcare and fitness: drug free, non invasive, and non toxic treatment. Dr. Blackman was the first to treat combat vets for PTSD, and was one of the first to use his methods to treat AIDS patients, which at that time (1981) , was not diagnosable. He shows his clients how and why you have to “Cure the Cancer. Heal the Pain. Feel the Magic.”

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