September 3, 2020 – Sold to Carvana Nicholas Hinrichsen and Hungry Fan Ola Gambari

September 3, 2020 – Sold to Carvana Nicholas Hinrichsen and Hungry Fan Ola Gambari

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Nicholas Hinrichsen – Co-Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso

When you fall in love with a car and realize you need to pay
for it, you ask the dealer that you don’t trust about price, now
you trust them with financial products and loans. 

Nicholas Hinrichsen, Co-Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso, was born and raised in Germany and played on the German National Golf Team. After finishing his master’s degree in Germany, he worked at Bain & Company and Merrill Lynch before he moved to the U.S. in 2011. Nicholas’s first experience as a start-up co-founder was with a company called Carlypso after graduating from Stanford Business School in 2013. During that time, Nicholas and his co-founder, Chris Coleman, went through YCombinator in 2014, and raised a total of $10M in venture funding by 2015 and sold the business to in 2017. Carvana went public at a market cap of $2.5B and is now the most valuable used car retailer in the US. Nicholas got into the car space because he felt that the traditional dealership model was not centered around serving the needs of the customers. He recently left Carvana to start, a fully digital platform that lets car owners refinance auto loans from the comfort of their own home.

Ola Gambari – Founder of Hungry Fan and Neville

There isn’t a hat you wear in a startup,
as a founder you have to do it all!  

Ola Gambari is a co-owner of a million dollar empire Fresher Products with brands Hungry Fan, Arctic Chill, Grillhogs, and more. Ola has a wide range of finance experience including roles in venture capital, private equity, and investment banking at Barclays Capital. Since leaving traditional finance in 2012, Ola has also co-founded two companies and advised numerous start-ups across a range of industries. He is the President of D3F Enterprises, owner of Fresher Products and Hungry Fan Brand. Hungry Fan is a sports lifestyle brand that curates fans’ Game Day experience. From food & drink to gear & culture, Hungry Fan helps make a Game Day gathering as exciting as the game itself. Fresher Products is a consumer goods manufacturer with 5 brands covering grillware, barware, bakeware, and moldable plastics.