June 14, 2016 – Maria Peagler w SocialMediaOnlineClasses, Michael Biltz of Accenture and Names w Dr. Mavis Himes

June 14, 2016 – Maria Peagler w SocialMediaOnlineClasses, Michael Biltz of Accenture and Names w Dr. Mavis Himes

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Maria Peagler – Founder of SocialMediaOnlineClasses 

Maria Peagler, one of the top trained SEO and Social Media analysts, began as the 10th employee of ExecuTrain, an Atlanta-based computer training company that grew to be the nation’s largest of its kind. She then traveled across the U.S. teaching Fortune 500 companies how to make their employees productive on PCs. Later, as a Director of Courseware Development, she presented papers at national conferences, wrote for national computer magazines, and led a team of technical writers in developing courses. After propelling her self-published book from unknown to onto the Amazon’s top ten list for that category 2 years in a row by using social media, she later founded SocialMediaOnlineClasses to educate others using her expertise. She has authored seven books on apps, and won the Benjamin Franklin award for Best Craft Book of 2010.
Maria PeaglerMaria PeaglerMaria Peagler

Michael Biltz – Managing Director of Accenture Technology Vision at Accenture Technology Labs

Michael Biltz leads Accenture’s Vision R&G group and the enterprise’s annual vision process. They define Accenture’s perspective on the future of technology including IoT, social, cloud, mobility, and Big Data. Prior to his current role, Michael led the Businesses Development efforts for Technology Lab’s ‘Accenture Innovation.’ There he managed Labs’ relationship with Accenture’s internal organizations to direct research and development with the labs as well as managing the deployment efforts of surrounding labs assets to Accenture. Today, he is with us to share Accenture’s latest tech survey.
Michael BiltzMichael BiltzMichael Biltz

Dr. Mavis Himes – Psychoanalyst and Author of The Power of Names: Uncovering the Mystery of What We Are Called

In The Power of Names, Dr. Mavis Himes weaves personal memoir, clinical vignettes, and theoretical perspectives into a unique and fascinating look at a topic rarely studied in literature, but endlessly dissected in everyday social interaction. In this, her second book, the author of the well-regarded The Sacred Body, explores both the profound ambivalence that many of us feel toward our names and the conscious and unconscious impact our names have on our lives. She reflects on the changes to her own Jewish name by immigrant ancestors, the historical and cultural impact of a group on naming practices; the various ways different cultures celebrate the naming of infants; the power of names in myth and legend; the impact of names on friends and patients from her experience; and name-changing, among the many topics and conversations the word “name” engenders.

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