May 13, 2016 – From Section 8 to Success Corey Gladwell & SMB SuperLawyer Eliot Wagenheim

May 13, 2016 – From Section 8 to Success Corey Gladwell & SMB SuperLawyer Eliot Wagenheim

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Corey Gladwell – Best-Selling Author of The Human Experience: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment, Meaningful Worth and Ultimate Awareness, Speaker and Life Coach

Corey Gladwell shows us how possessions are nothing if you are not fulfilled. After a tough childhood, growing up on welfare, Corey became successful at the age of 23 owning his own restaurant and nightclub. He ultimately sabotaged himself because he was unsuccessful internally. He became addicted to drugs and lost everything. He was jobless, penniless and nearly homeless. Corey went into deep meditation for almost 4 years and wrote the insights and realizations that came to him during that time. He rebuilt his life from the inside out and is now in in the top 7% in his industry. He got back 10 times the material things, but more importantly, he is enjoying deep, loving relationships in his life. Corey shares his story in his new book about hitting rock bottom and coming back up. The book is filled with questions to ask yourself and get you to be living your best life!
Corey Gladwell

Eliot Wagenheim – Principal at Wagonheim Law and Founder of Outlawyer Insights

Eliot Wagonheim is a lawyer, writer, educator and strategist. He serves as a confidante, mentor and sounding board for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who would rather do something great than simply draw a paycheck. He found himself interviewing for a job three years after graduating from law school for only the second time in his life. The first time resulted in a semi-disastrous summer job doling out candy in a movie theatre. (He was fired for flirting with the popcorn girl and “not having his mind on the movie business.”) In high school, he started a T-shirt company, selling original designs at Baltimore’s ethnic festivals. He paid college expenses by forming a buying group so that he could order blank cassette tapes direct from Maxell, TDK and BASF in bulk to sell to small record stores. While in law school, Eliot created the first lawyers legal temp service east of the Mississippi called LawTemps. That entrepreneurial drive, beginning with his exit from that movie theatre, is the essence of who he is. Three years after law school, in 1990, Eliot wrapped up LawTemps and began his training as a business lawyer with an accomplished boutique commercial and construction firm in Towson, Maryland. From that point forward, while learning his trade, he built a practice working with the kind of people he understands – entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, and those who have a unique outlook and a real passion for what they do. Eliot was named a Maryland Super Lawyer, one of SmartCEO Magazine’s “Legal Elite” as a Go-To Business Lawyer, and has been awarded the coveted AV-Rating (excellent to preeminent) from the nationwide peer review firm Martindale Hubbell.
Eliot WagenheimEliot Wagenheim

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