November 28, 2018 – Small Business Pro Andrew Frazier and Millionaire Mindsetter Crystal Johnson

November 28, 2018 – Small Business Pro Andrew Frazier and Millionaire Mindsetter Crystal Johnson

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Andrew Frazier – President & COO of, Small Business Pro and Author of Running Your Small Business Like a Pro

Andrew Frazier is a trusted adviser helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders grow revenues, increase profitability, and obtain financing. He has significant expertise in business strategy and financial management, allowing him to take a holistic view of organizations to best determine how to address their challenges. His experience includes serving as a Navy Supply Corps Officer, Corporate Executive, Non-Profit Leader, Board Member, Adjunct Professor, Real Estate Investor, and as an Entrepreneur.  Andrew graduated from MIT, qualified in logistics management for the Navy, earned an MBA from NYU-Stern, and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Thus far, he has helped 250+ entrepreneurs and small business owners sell more, make more, and obtain more financing than they otherwise would have.

It takes a whole different person, you have to change the way you do business.  Being a manager is different from being a supervisor, so a lot of supervisors never make it. Then from being a manager, you have to become a leader of a management team.

Crystal Johnson – Founder of The Millionaire Launchpad, Real Estate Investor, and Millionaire Mindset Junkie 

Crystal Johnson is a self-made millionaire, real estate investor, and speaker. She’s the founder of The Millionaire Launchpad where she inspires entrepreneurs to acquire financial wisdom and cultivate a millionaire mindset so that they can create long-term wealth and true financial freedom.  She believes once you change your mind, you can change your life. Her mission is to change more minds by sharing how simple wealth creation can be once you make the decision to BE rich, not just look rich. She quit her corporate sales job in January 2016 to start her first online business.

Freedom is more important than appearances. So through those short-term sacrifices, I was able to surprisingly save money pretty quickly and I decided to use that money to invest in Real Estate.