February 4, 2015 – Easiest Cooking w Cadence Hardenbergh & Brian Ma Sold to EBay!

February 4, 2015 – Easiest Cooking w Cadence Hardenbergh & Brian Ma Sold to EBay!

“The audio file was removed when we switched hosts. Sorry. The cost was prohibitive. If you need the file, contact us and we will send it.”

Cadence Hardenbergh – Director of Operations at SideChef

Cadeence Hardenbergh is with SideChef, SideChef believes cooking can be for everyone by making cooking easy with photos and instructions for every step of a recipe,  so you always know what you’re doing, even if it’s your first time trying something new. It also makes every step easily shareable, from browsing recipes to purchasing ingredients to celebrating the final meal. Cadence shares the company story and insights on their journey.
Cadence Hardenbergh - Director of Operations at SideChefCadence Hardenbergh  SideChef

Brian Ma – Founder of Weave

Brian Ma is Founder of Weave, a cool mobile app that helps you meet interesting professionals near you. You can find it by search for “Weave Networking” on iOS or Android. Whenever you are open to meeting or connecting, you can use Weave to review interesting professionals nearby. Brian is a serial entrepreneur, investor, & passionate problem solver. He was previously Co-Founder at Decide.com which was acquired by Ebay. Brian worked at Zillow and Microsoft prior to becoming an entrepreneur. He likes to describe his life with this quote: “You can’t discover new land unless you’re willing to lose sight of the shore.”
Brian MaBrian Ma

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