October 11, 2021 – Shut Up Ambrose Blowfield and SMB Mergers Kison Patel

October 11, 2021 – Shut Up Ambrose Blowfield and SMB Mergers Kison Patel

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Ambrose Blowfield – Owner of The Marketing Company

Introverts, with training, will do a better job in the long
at sales, because extroverts are not good at finishing.

Ambrose Blowfield is one of Australasia’s leading trainers and speakers in sales, marketing and business growth. He has both top-class academic and experience-based knowledge from working at many leading international companies, including P&G UK and Robert Half International, among others. His first book, the Authority Guide to Writing and Implementing a Marketing Plan was published in the UK in 2017. Ambrose has trained businesses of all sizes in both sales and marketing. He has delivered training in person in 10 different countries across 3 continents, while his online training has helped over 15,000 businesses in 20 countries, across 6 continents, make over $2B in additional sales… just Antarctica to go! A sales-focused book, Shut Up to Sell, is set to be launched in late 2021. He specializes in mastering the sales conversation, business-to-business selling, mindset development and long-term business growth.

Kison Patel – CEO and Founder of M&A Science

There is a lot of money in the market, so much institutional
capital is coming in. There is no end in sight! 

Kison Patel is the Founder and CEO of M&A Science, with a passion to drive the M&A industry forward. He was an M&A advisor for ten years in which he sold larger companies such as commercial banks and hotel chains. In 2012, he noticed teams lacked efficient technology to manage deals and created DealRoom, an M&A lifecycle management platform. In 2016, he started the M&A Science podcast devoting his time to creating a platform where all the best practitioners could share their best practices and lessons learned from real-life deals. Kison then created The M&A Science Academy in 2020 to offer step by step training to those looking to master M&A featuring courses created by top level practitioners. Through developing technology, educational content, and industry training, Kison aims to bring better practices to an industry with growing market pressures, transaction values, and competition.